Retrieve quest bug and dungeon reset bug

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Not a big deal but I thought I might mention this obnoxious bug I discovered on accident.

Simply accept a retrieve item quest, go into the applicable dungeon and get the requested item and then abandon the quest before handing it back in.

You will end up with the quest item in your inventory without any ability to destroy, drop, or remove the item from your inventory. The only way I was able to get rid of said item was to store it in the storage chest, create a new lvl 1 character, pick up the item out of the chest with the lvl 1 character and finally delete the lvl 1 character. I even tried holding on to the item until the quest giver cycled back around to asking for the same item name and he wouldn't even see I had the item in my inventory.

I stumbled across this by accident, possibly by yet another game bug.

I went into a dungeon (Mines or Shadow Vault) and went to something higher than floor 1, used a town portal scroll, then went back into the dungeon using the main entrance instead of the portal I created by using the town portal scroll.

This in effect 'reset' the dungeon with new monsters that were all levelled to match my character level but the dungeon layout was exactly the same (in effect, the floor plan was the same but all the loot and enemies were respawned to match my character level).



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    Never had the former issue unless I dupped the item and then, dropped item in chest and then talked to QG, and the QG accepted the item even without it being present, so I enchanted said item or transmuted, combined, etc giving a new usable item with the quest item color that I could sell or do whatever with. That part was neet, sortof but I didnt care about color so much so I didnt exspearament. Cant spell, had two concusions a few years back, and bain now gets disconjarbled. Thats what I get for riding a storm, trying to save my wifes grandmothers house.
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