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I was sending gear to my mule character, and after exiting to the menu I accidentally chose to create a new character instead of load character. The game wouldn't let me back out of the create character menu, so I dashboarded. When I re-loaded the game I was one character short. I don't remember if the character in question was the last one I'd loaded before having to dashboard, but I'd suspect this to be the case.


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    Seems likely, I almost had that problem, now thanks to bad xbox support I lost all original data on EVERY game since 2002, I I had kept every game save for every game that I thats alot of data. Back them up on the pc. Simular things happen to items if the palyer isnt paying attention when transfering items to mules/ storehouse charicters. Here is my suggested set:

    Weapons: Keeps only Yellow named.
    Armor: Keeps only yellow named.
    Sets: Keeps only Purple sets.
    Items: Keeps spells, potions etc for all noob charicters.
    Personal: Keeps created gear for any new character.
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