im new and caught a goldfish!

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So I've had TL for all of about a month. I play here and there thinking its just a cheap arcade version of a pc was I wrong! After reading what you guys are talking about, its a cheap full game and is way more in depth than they let on.

I went fishing after reading about others exp with it and out of 100 catches I got 1 goldfish, 2 sushi, 2 boots, 1 giant fish and like 7 big fish. All I have is a fishermans friend and a helm that is +1% fish luck. I am on my first playthrough and at about lvl32 destroyer. I did my fishing at a hole on lvl 30 I think.

I can't wait to try out some new gambling tips I read yesterday. I have to wait till wed night...12 hr work days **** for a gamer:(


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    Don't get spoiled. The other stuff is about normal for a level 30 fishing hole, but the goldfish is consistently much rarer than that would cause you to think, at any fishing hole on any level. However, you can also occasionally catch one in town at the pier, with even a basic character.

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