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Will runic be hosting servers for distributing all of the player made content?

or perhaps they host a site of torrents of all the mods. So the community can ditribute them via torrents, but Runic would be the central spot to list your torrents for torchlight?

If not this... whats the current concept on how the mods will be distributed? (is it... simply not Runics problem?) :geek:


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    Runic will not be hosting mods:
    Volbard wrote:
    By the way, we're not planning on hosting mods. If we did, then we would have to be responsible for moderating them, and I really don't want to be the mod ****. I'm hoping the community will want to put something together to organize and maybe rate the mods. It would take some work and maybe a lot of bandwidth, depending on how it's set up, but it would also be a big draw to the site.

    It'll be a community thing.
    Current I only see two fansites planning on hosting mods:
    has the blog concept setup already, hosting is not up yet.
    I think it is only in planning stages and not implemented yet, may be wrong though.
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    Yeah, we're going to do mod hosting and so will Insider apparently, but I think we are looking at doing it in different ways.

    Since we moved to a new server we are looking into new ways to handle the mod distribution at RGF. I'm afraid that the blogs thing might be a bit difficult for people, so I am looking at other options as well now. Either way, I am sure there will be plenty of options available for getting your mods :D
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    I intend on hosting my own @, though it would be cool to have a place for the community to post them (as I probably would post there as well as my own site) - have ratings, etc etc.
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    I would really like to know, I hate having like 5 sites to go to like EAW, so I hope we can maybe have a site dedicated to Modding?
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    I think what is going to happen is that each site will have a different system set up for mod hosting, so people will drift towards the format that they like best. For example, at RGF we were going to do a special kind of wordpress blog and upload system that could post to the forums, but it ended up being too complicated, and now we are setting up a big, flexible database using a completely different system that will let you do your own blogs, make homepages for you mods, organize large mod projects, or simply just upload a file with a small description and be done with it, and there are lots of search options for how to find the mods you want. I've got a few people from the community testing the database at each step as we design it, so I think the end product will be something most people will be satisfied with.

    Meanwhile, if you prefer a more forum-related approach, Torchlight Insider (formerly Runic Insider) now has a link up to their Mods Database, which appears to focus on having the mods in the forums and listings by author, and all uploaded as forum post attachments, which is a format I have seen work out really well in other parts of the web, especially software mods.

    I don't know what the other sites have in the works, but I think Runic will probably just provide links to each place and let you pick your method.
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  • I was the main developer of a pretty substantial mod for an independent game called Mount & Blade. The way they worked it out, they had a forum setup for mods in development, released mods, and also a forum with several subforums related to some of the major releases. This system worked out really well, especially since some of the larger mods can generate a lot of topics. The actual downloads were hosted on another site which featured reviews and questions/comments area.

    Something similar to that would be nice in my opinion anyway. I'm not sure yet if I'll dedicate another 6 months of my life to creating a game mod though. :|
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    Axler wrote:
    Will runic be hosting servers for distributing all of the player made content? ...
    Since it appears that Runic Games will not be getting into the "User Mod Business", the fact that I was planning to collect and offer Mods on my site seems to be at lest one area where I can help the community.

    I just made a post in my gaming forum about the Mod Submittal Format page I've put up on my site. Anyone interested is welcome to join in on the fun.

    Torchlight Mod Submittal Format
    Torchlight Website

    I have seen many Mod sites created and then disappear because the creator lost interest or something else happened and all of a sudden the site either went away or slowly deteriorated due to lack of upkeep. My idea is that, once my site is up and running with an acceptable amount of content, I will make the source code available to whomever wants it. That would include any and all Mods that I have on the site at the time. The site is being set up using relative addressing, so it can be moved to any host and will still work properly. I have also tried to include copious comments so anyone should be able to tell what is going on "under the hood".

    There is one piece of code in the initial index file that will have to be changed. The line reads:
    <base href="" >

    So the URL for the new host would have to be inserted instead of Otherwise, everything should work.

    The more feedback I can get from the community, the more the site will reflect a consensus opinion about how such information should be formatted and collected.

    Yes, I will be charging for the source code ... $5 USD for the media and postage will be added on top of that. Please don't even think about sending any money until the site is finished and contains a fair number of Mods. If you aren't interested in owning the code, come join the forum and kibitz. ;) The link is on the NavBar at the top and sometimes the bottom of every page. I am not in this to make money but neither am I a charity that can send out "free-samples". I will maintain the site as long as I can and it will remain free for downloads during that time.
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    I have just uploaded and published the empty Mods pages to the site. All there is to see are the basic setup and the general information at the top. There is also a link leading to the submittals page.

    Wonder who will write the first Mod to get added?
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