Issues with character models

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After installing the gendermod version 2, all of my characters new or old, all had blocky character models. Armor also wouldn't load on these characters and if it did, it looked very strange (helmets covering the faces/weapons not attached to their hands). So I uninstalled this, started fresh with no issues. I then decided to download the JCC class/pet setup mods (it has like 8 or so new class mod setups).

I installed that with no issues, played the game fine and the character models looked great. Now after restarting steam and my pc, the same blocky character models have came back. Is there something I'm missing and/or doing wrong with the mod installation? I'm assuming it's not actually supposed to look this way.


  • kozlowkozlow Posts: 4
    Any help at all would be much appreciated. If I haven't provided enough information, let me know.
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    How did you install it. Do you have other mods installed? This is usually caused by a conflict.
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    you mentioned steam and i've heard that the steam version will cause problems 'cos it reloads stuff back in form its cloud. Try PMing Webbstre for help on that one - hope that helps...
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