My Alchemist Build - critique please

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I recently finished playing the Vanquisher or normal difficulty, just to get a feel for the game. Needless to say, it was way to easy. I normally don't like playing a tank so I decided to go the Alchemist route. The summoner type seemed the best choice, but I wanted to be able to contribute later on in the game with the amount of mobs. Below is my build that I would ultimately want to end up with. Or something similar.

Ember Phase - 1
Ember Shield - 1
Frailty - 10
Ember Shock -1
Ember Strike - 5
Burning Bind - 10
Golem - 1
Beam Golem - 1
Block & Parry - 10
Advanced Spellcasting - 10
Torned Minions - 6
Pet Mastery - 1
Charm Spell Mastery - 10

I basically just want to be able to have my minions do the majority of the attacking while having Ember Shock as a last line of defense or the ability to stun a group of mobs and Ember Strike to help with blasting a group if need be.

For the stats I would be mainly be doing ~2 in Magic ~3 in Defense all the time leaving room to add some into Strength and Dex for equipment as needed. Also, I am playing on Very Hard difficulty now, and it's been really interesting playing early game as an Alchemist. Brink was... fun, running around and doing my best to not die while i wittled his life down.

I am at level 9 now and have Skeletons and Archers, but the rest is a bit of on the spot, use whatever to kill until I can get to really start doing damage. Be it with Minions or one Offensive spell. I still have 6 skill points to use while I am waiting for level 10. Any critiques?


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    1) Seems kinda light on Defensive Skills (though maybe not, with max block&parry), and kinda light on ultimate Offensive Skill power, especially if you are thinking of your one main Offensive Skill as a "fallback, last ditch".

    2) Any build that relies on summons/minions as main combat power needs to have max Pet Mastery.

    3) 10 points in Advanced Spell Mastery seems like overkill, unless there is some mana drain in there that I am not familiar with. I would put 3 points into ASM as soon as possible, then ease it up incrementally when it seems like your mana recovery is beginning to lag your mana use.

    I personally think that you would be better off with a 3 Magic 2 Defense Attribute build pattern, with a few stronger defense Skills/capabilities. Magic is your signature Attribute that gets folded into a lot of things, in some cases invisibly. But that is also largely a matter of taste

    I would definitely make this guy a wandbearer rather than a staff guy, or even a big pistol or rifle or crossbow. Kill at a distance, if you have to make the kill. The other way to look at that is: Carry a staff that never needs more than one slap, if you are confident that the minions can hold the leakers to a minimum.

  • Thanks dream. What I meant by having Ember Shock as a last line of defense was for in those cases when you need a breather before phasing out of the area. Ember Strike would be of higher focus for damage to help with the mob kills. I chose Strike over Lance or any of the others because I wanted to do mass AOE damage while the minions got their bonk on.

    I wasn't certain about Pet Mastery at first because of how little it appeared to give. (at first) Plus, I had not played enough with the summon spells yet to get a better grasp of if it would be needed. And it does. Especially to keep my pet alive too. Thanks, I will probably pull from the Advanced Spellcasting skill points to go into this.

    Speaking of, I was trying to make up for the magic output for the Ember Strike (since the mana seems so high) with the Advanced Spellcasting. Again, will probably be zapping the points from ASM to go to Pet Mastery to aid with those.

    My character skill distribution was thought mainly of early game and leading into late game. I will probably switch from 2 Magic 3 Defense to 3 Magic 2 Defense close to half way through the game. Thanks for the advice. :D

    I already have him Duel Wielding wands until I can get a good enough shield for free/cheap. I plan on making him have a shield and wand/pistol at all times to help with the stragglers. I was thinking of getting a high damage staff to help with Ember Strike damage output. Switch, cast, switch back.

    Again, thanks for the advice.
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    i found most of the arcane spells were kind of useless outside of ember bolt and ember strike. they work pretty well as a one-two punch.
    (ember bolt 1-3 times to group -> ember strike behind them after bolt hits, they'll be still from the knock back animation + ember strike hits outside of ember bolts range.)
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    Charm mastery, pet mastery and burning bind are pretty godly.

    Weirdly enough your best pets will be from the scrolls you pick up. skeletons are fantastic with blood skeletons being the godliest. For stats just put 3 in defense and sit on the rest until you get a good piece of gear. Then just add what you need to fit the requirement.
  • Does any Alchemist build not get pwned on VH?
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    i still play my alchy on vh.. he rarely dies unless i stop paying attention.

    it's all about using your phase properly.
  • Yeah, and I think there are a few other ways, too. I've studied some guides and kept trying, and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

    Your level vs. creature levels seems to be really important - I've had a lot of success with my current alchy by investing points in Adventurer to get extra levels. There seems to be an exponential increase in ownage starting at two levels above opponents. At only one level above, they basically own you, but at two levels above, you can fight them very effectively; three or four levels above and you can usually own.

    I've learned that and a lot of other tricks since I made that last post.
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    "There are two refuges from the miseries of life: music, and cats."
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    I have to question the ember strike and the block & parry. Ember Strike seems like unnecessary skill points and waste of mana that should go into Pet Mastery, Terror, or one of the Golems. Terror is a summoner's best friend: keep monsters away from you and send them running straight into your skeletons and imps or what have you.
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