Weapon and skill damage question.

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This is my first time playing this games and for some reason i am confused on skill description on my alch. Although i have searched and read some posts, there is no solid answer to my question. So here we go:

there are skills with 20% weapon damage, so i wonder if that skills for instance is lightning based. However, i equipped with wand/staff with ice elemental damage. Does the elemental damage add up to my skills or it has to be lightning damage weapon? I am just wondering if it add up maybe i can go for more than 1 element skill.


  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    If the Skill in question (it helps in advising if you say which Skill it is) says it incorporates 20% weapon damage, and not "20% weapon ice damage" then it is just going to add-in 20% of the expected damage as HPs. Even if says "20% of <element> damage", it would not limit the weapon you could use it with; the damage engine would just filter it through the targets ice resistance before adding it to the total inflicted.

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