Looking for advice building a Titan Destroyer

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Hello all,

I recently started playing TL. I'm looking for gear and spec. advice to make a titan that uses: Shadow warrior, Titan Stomp, Doomquake, Frostshield, Devastate, and maybe Spectral Echo. Should I dual wield to level or will using a shield not slow me down in early levels? If there are any guides on this please let me know.


  • I'm interested in a SnS Titan Destroyer as well for VHSC as well. I have the AlternativeBeginnings mod to give me a point in Soul Rend instead of slash, but have no clue where to go after that.
  • In torchlight you can easily respec, so I wouldn't worry too much about a 'final build'.

    What I would do as a first time player is to try out the abilities for yourself and come to your own conclusions about what is good, and what is bad.

    I would suggest going about 50/50 on STR/DEF, but 60/40 is good as well (60 in either STR or DEF).

    The mistake I made when I first played is I found good gear, but didn't have the stats, so I put a bunch of points into Magic and Dex. Big mistake. Your best to use Gems for that, and appropriate upgrades (armour expertise, weapon expertise).

    So my advice? Try out different things. Split STR/DEF. Get 1 or 2 in Armour Expertise. Don't sell magic gear you don't want; transmute it into Gems. Those gems you can socket to increase your damage/defence/stats so you can wear the gear you want. If your gear is good, you're generally good in the lower levels. If you change your mind about what skills to take, you can respec with a potion (in the XBox version).

    I'm not sure why you're set on those skills, but I would take only one area of affect spell; either Titan Stomp or Devastate, not both. Slash was one of my favourite skills. It has a very fast animation, so you can deal out far more damage with Slash than Soul Rend. Soul Rend was so slow to use...
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    Back a long time ago when I first bought this game I came to the conclusion that 2H weapons were garbage because their stats weren't really much better than 1H weapons, and there didn't seem to be any penalty for dual wielding. Is that accurate, or was I missing something?
  • I'm trying to build a thread on the Mechanics of Torchlight 1.

    You can check it out in the Xbox section and maybe post any unanswered question there? Trying to make a 1 stop shop for all mechanic based questions (not conclusions though such as builds or combos, just how things work).
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    I always found dual wielding better, but I like a lot of the two-handers in this game, so I stick with them ^_^ Once you get to a certain point, it doesn't really make too much of a difference anyway :P

    Please read this topic if you have time: viewtopic.php?t=38634
    Thank you! ^.^b
  • I decided on a defensive build; one hander and shield.

    there is an easy to get set, Valcone's Bastion, that works wonders for a shield build and it's available quite early.
    nice bonuses to armor and crit., and the shield has a very nice bonus to block.


    I even made a mod to make a defensive warrior more fun early, if you're interested.

    basically though, get a fast weapon with some health drain on it, and some decent armor and not much wlll harm you.

    buy the elemental protection spell and keep that up.

    anything else is gravy.
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