A Piece of Equipment Ruins Character

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Howdy, feel like posting this because this is the third character that has been rendered useless in my time playing Torchlight (Xbox version).

This character was my fifth character, so I decided to sandbox a little. I overpowered with enchantments on this one pair of shoulders that I was rather proud of, because it took about 2 hours of enchanting to get what I wanted (I have horrible luck with things like this). After everything was said and done, this is what my shoulders looked like:

Archangel's Epic Magnus' Abtruse Shoulders

29% faster cast speed
60 mana stolen on hit
+800 mana
+283 electrical resistance
+227 ice resistance
+324 poison resistance
+180 magic attribute bonus
+354 fire resistance
+168 dexterity attribute bonus
+209 defense attribute bonus
364 damage reflected (see next post for more stats)


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    +1500 heath
    +35 strength attribute bonus
    +2% faster cast speed
    +2 critical hit chance
    +2% faster cast speed
    +2 critical hit chance

    Requires Level 39
    (cant read magic/defense requirements, list of effects too long)

    This was rather quite a nice pair of shoulders, and every time I came across an enchant shrine I would use the shrine on these shoulders. However, when I enchanted it in a shrine in the cave/caverns level, it gave quite an unimaginable boost in the stats:

    Elemental resistances changed to ~+50000
    Mana changed to +8391537
    Health changed to +2147483647
    damage reflected changed to 23341002

    As you can imagine, I was quite excited when I was able to get my fifth character to level 39 to equip these shoulders. After i hit level 39, I promptly went into my inventory to equip these shoulders, and upon doing so my character died (it should be noted that I did not have **** mode activated, as I dont like the idea of rogue games). I loled at this for a while, and decided to ressurect in town as a portal was open nearby. Every time I ressurected my character, he would die instantly afterwards, and I was unable to unequip the shoulders due to the death animation. I decided to exit to title to see if it would refresh the large amount of HP change, but when I went to go play that character, it said that it was killed on **** mode and could not be played, even though I never turned **** mode on. I hope there is a solution for this, because on very hard mode you seem to level much slower, I was only level 27 by the time I killed Ordrak, while on easy mode I was about 35 (and I didnt repeat levels on both modes). Is there anyone else out there who has this problem? I seem to be quite adept at developing unique cases in video games.
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    Upon further research, I have found what has killed my character and caused it to bug up:

    http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/torchlig ... 1-54258132

    Apparently, an item that is heirloomed with +HP on it has a chance to experience the "HP bug", which, when the item is enchanted, causes its HP, mana, and resistance stats to scale dramatically. Unfortunately, this dramatic increase in HP "fills" the health loop and causes your HP to drop into negative numbers. There is also a post about this bug in the RGF database already:


    Though it seems I may never get my character back, it would be a big plus for this game if this issue is resolved to prevent future wipeouts among the torchlight community D:
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    Unfortunately, It is highly unlikely that there will be any further updates/patches to original Torchlight, on either platform.

    If there are, it is only reasonable to expect that they will come after TL II release, after TL II initial round of patching (we will all hope for none, be let's be real here...), after the Mac port, after an XBox port. Then perhaps, before Runic gets totally wrapped up in preparing the MMO, they will have time to look back to older clean-up requirements. Remember, a small team that can only focus on one thing at a time, with no plans to get much bigger. So, call it a year from now that the might have time to put together any further update to the original game.

    Do I really think that is going to happen? No.

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    Well that is a shame, I just hope something like this isnt overlooked on TLII.... The big problem, from what I understand, seems to be Microsoft because game companies have to wait a few months for their patches to be approved for their games. I just felt like posting it because it was my third character being rendered useless (2 characters around lvl 50-55 and then this guy).... just nice to point attention to certain things so they know what to look for in their next game. Torchlight is a good game, dont get me wrong, and I like the work Runic does, but posting something like this hopefully makes the Torchlight community aware so they can avoid it.
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    The lack of patch for the HP+ bug can't really be laid at the door of MS. This bug was known as the biggest remaining fault in the TL code since at least well before the last PC patch. There is no PC fix for it either.

    Story is that apparently this one is so fundamentally buried in the code, or so hidden and not diagnosed precisely why +HP and not, for instance, +Ice Damage, that they haven't been able to figure out HOW to patch it without breaking other stuff.

    It happens rarely enough (after all, only the truly obsessed fans ever get into multiply heirlooming stuff) and it is avoidable enough (don't heirloom items with big +HP bonuses) that they have not made a "stop everything" effort to correct it. I'm sure, however, that they are very aware of it in building TLII, and I really don't expect to see it there. (TLII will have its own bugs, of course, hopefully all minor and not this deeply imbedded.)

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