SirLOL looks for modders from the game "Fate"

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Hey peeps, sorry it took SO long to actualy post something here. Life has been hard, we lost our kids, its worse than death at times.
Few pointers:

A: Not married? You and your girl fight, or have little in common? Get out of that relationship, it will destroy you. Not worth it, and you stand to loose more than you can imagine.

B: Married and fighting, go to counceling, take the kids and leave, whatever, just dont let bitterness turn into resentment into anger, learn from me. Take anger managment or whatever it takes. You cant even possably imagine how bad it has been for us. I promise you, you cant you have been their yourself. I dont wish this pain on no man, even on osama obama or yo mamma, LOL.

thanks for all the cool stuff, even if it didnt work well in the "Fate" game, I still remember and appretiate it, and was wondering did any original fate modders migrate here?


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    Ummm... sorry for your loss?

    As for your last sentence, there are a good amount of former FATE players here, so someone should pop in. You might ask at the Fansite as well.
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    W :lol: :lol: T then I will wait here then...
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