Infuse/Thorned Minion Skills + Retribution Spell Stack?

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Does the Infuse or Thorned Minion skills stack with the Retribution Spell?


  • I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer to your question. I'm just posting in your topic to say that I've noticed that this isn't a very busy or supportive community! I've looked at dozens of unanswered questions like this one.

    It's too bad, because I think that Torchlight is a great game!
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    Er...2 years old...played to death and commented to death in the first year. Small developer team focused on mac, then Xbox, then TLII. Fanbase focus on the new game.

    Use the search feature. There are very few questions which are asked these days that haven't already been answered previously, or discussed ad nauseum if there is no clearcut answer, by the grognards of this game.

    Quite frankly, although there seems to be a 2nd wave of folks discovering the game recently, the majority of the most knowledgeable early players and modders seem to have moved on to other, more recent passions while biding time for the release of TL2. They may check back here once a month or 2. When they do, they are generally quite willing and ready to be helpful.

    BTW, the answer to the original question is yes, all of the reflection effects do stack, up to certain absolute limits. I don't think that more than 50% of general hit damage can be reflected. Missle damage reflect may not have a limit, or if it does it is very high. I have seen missile damage reflect up over 200%.
    Further, it is unclear (to me) whether elemental damage that is not in the form of a 'missile' ever gets reflected.

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