Seismic Mage Build

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Hello everyone. I have been playing torchlight for a while but because of my always want to beat the game on the hardest difficulty attitude.... well lets just say I haven't beat the game yet. I am playing on VH-HC of course and what I want to build is a Destroyer than can survive but dish out decent damage. I am going for a all Defense and Magic build for my character. My question for all of you people that have beat the game n VH-HC is, are the skills Aura of Thorns and Seismic Burst strong in the end game? My build will be based on these two skills and including spectral echo and decay. My other question is does spectral decay work with Thorns. It says increases damage but I didn't know if thorns damage is special. I would appreciate the help everyone. Well time to start the game wish me luck.


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