Slash attack doesn't work

TheFoggerTheFogger Posts: 2
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my slash attack doesn't work. The character does not react at all when ich press the button. The attack did work before.

Things I've tried:

* Restart the game
* Change Areas
* Equip a different weapon or no weapon
* Strip character of all Items
* Remap slash to a different button
* Add a skill point to the slash skill

Still, slash is not working. What could be the reason?

Cheers, TheFogger


  • Ghost31Ghost31 Posts: 1

    I myself thought I had encountered a similar issue. I was using a Vanquisher equipped with the Explosive Shot skill and somehow managed to swap the ranged weapon from the right to left hand without realizing I had done so. This caused me to believe that Explosive Shot no longer worked but I then realized that Explosive Shot can only work if a ranged weapon was equipped in the character's right hand. I'm not familiar with the Slash Attack but perhaps it requires a certain type of weapon to be equipped in a specific hand. I hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't though.
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