**** Steam Achievements

nydericnyderic Posts: 4
edited September 2012 in TL Hardcore Mode
i just finished the game on Very Hard **** and only got the Achievement for Very Hard ****, but not the ones below (Easy/Normal/Hard ****) that. Is that normal?
What's the point of not giving me these, if i'm obviously capable of beating a higher difficulty? :(


  • LoraenLoraen Posts: 6
    Meh, I ran into this problem too. Oddly enough, it did grant me all the softcore achivements. Here I thought I'd finish off all the achievements from TL 1 before getting into TL 2, but apparently I should be going through normal and hard ****..
  • It's very strange and counter-intuitive that it doesn't.
  • KhamKham Posts: 172
    Yeah it`s super dumb **** -.-

    Wonder if this gets fixed, probably not.
  • It would be much cooler to get also the **** version of the achievement you get from killing a boss
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