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at first I was kinda doubtful of why a game like this would actually need guilds / clans, but then I started thinking about it from a different angel and I now support them.

at start up this game probably will have no problem with finding people to play with in regards to running compatible mods; however as time goes on, and the number of active players goes down while the number of mods goes up, it's going to get increasingly more difficult to find people to play with. Not because it will be hard to find players, people going to be playing this game till the end of time, but it's going to be hard to find players running compatible mods.

sure you could just download ALL the mods as they come out, just so that you can play with any possible combination ant any given time, but give this game 2-3 years down the road and we are probably going to be looking at a hundreds (if not thousands) of mods ... most of which are going to be **** and / or incompatible with various patch versions of the game, don't even get me started on the number of outdated versions of a single mod or mods that include other mods.

and this is where I think Guilds / Clans (I keep listing them like that because in relation to how TL2 functions I think the "Clan" denomination is more fitting than "Guild") will come into play; much like how most guilds / clans will have standardized 3rd party applications outside of the core game (Like that members must be on teamspeak + xFire), TL2 guilds would be less of a social structure and more of a means of establishing and organizing standardized mod sets.

so like the **** Unicorns guild will have mods X, Y, Z, & G as their standardized mods while the Raging Gorillas will have mods A, B, G, & Y as their standardized mods, that way members of each guild / clan can always count on having other guild / clan members running the same mods.

not to say that people can't or shouldn't be members of both the Blood Unicorns & the Raging Gorillas, just that if you see a member of the **** Unicorns you can count on them having the same mods as you. and if you are a member of both, then then only mods you will -need- to have sitting on your hard drive is A, B, G, X, Y, Z, instead of needing every mod from A-Z just so that you can reliably find other people to play with.

although more likely than having explicitly mandatory mods to be in the guild, I kinda think guilds / clans will end up with a list of mandatorally excluded mods that members are not allowed to use (kinda like "no botting" & "no RMT gold buying" guild laws in mmos).

I'm not saying guild / clans must be operated like this, I'm just tossing out an idea that I think is going to catch on anyway ... food for thought on the subject of social organizations in Torchlight 2.


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    I think we'll be able to have a better idea of just how modding will work once modding is finally finalized. Until then, my plans are to run a vanilla casual guild. No mods. However, considering it's probably going to be possible to have non-modded characters as well as modded characters (similar to how LOD made it so that you could have either a Diablo II 'vanilla' character or an expansion character), I don't see why some folks could have a character set aside for guild games and other characters set aside for modded/friends games.

    I do think you're absolutely right, tho. At least, that's how I intend on running my guild. We'll have a segment of the guild that is dedicated to running with no mods and a segment who enjoy mods. Hopefully, everyone gets to be happy.

    As far as the whole guild/clan thing...dude, they're the same thing. lol.

    a group of people, as a clique, set, society, or party, united by some common trait, characteristic, or interest.
    an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., esp. one formed for mutual aid or protection.
    Clans and Guilds are social groups - just people who choose to identify themselves as belonging to a loose network of other people who have a similar interest."Clan" or "Guild" nomenclature is a matter of personal preference."

    (borrowed from ... hp?t=66018)
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    Sounds like a CoD or Halo clan, but it makes more sense due to the group sizes.
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    DarkTails wrote:
    "Clan" sounds cooler :P
    +1 (as long as it's not "the clan")
    hawkn wrote:
    Sounds like a CoD or Halo clan, but it makes more sense due to the group sizes.
    yeah, guilds make me think of "socialization" type stuff that goes on in MMOs while clans makes me think of more active based community actions like competitive matches or co-op game play.

    in other words: guilds = talking / clans = doing.

    TLO will have need and make use of guilds when it comes out, thanks to all the questing/crafting/commerce type things that make MMOs what they are, TL2 however is (probably) going to be all about pounding on the game with little to no chatting.

    it's a fine line, but it's still thick enough for me to make a distinction.
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    I might make a guild if I make a major mod. By major I am talking about a mod that will take a long time to complete and likely many updates and new things added as time goes by. The guild will only be made if I can at least get to a beta stage and if it is popular.

    I think for major mods guilds will be a great help since it offers players that play the mod to keep in easier touch but also for keeping information about the mod as well.
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    Getting a proficient modder IN a guild/clan may be a great way of developing new content - you'd be getting a lot of balance feedback and be able to set goals that a lot of people desire.
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    I think there are more than a few **** raiding guilds who would have a difference of opinion with you over the whole guild = talking thing. They're the same thing. I prefer guild because 'clan' always makes me think of ignorant hillbillies and crosses burning on front lawns.
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    To me guilds were the RPG groups while clans were the shooter/ *action* games. That isn't to say RPS have no action but a large portion of RPGs is trade and communicating, there's stuff *other* than grouping up and playing together to do in an RPG where as with games such as CoD or Halo, all you can do is group up and play. Either way it doesn't really matter since it boils down to the same thing. As for the whole mod situation, I could see some guild oriented stuff like armor/weapon sets with the guild crest just as some sort of "guild achievement" thing but there's definitely no rule that you can *only* play with your guild. I plan on playing with Zidder's guild but I definitely will make characters for other mods if any I find interesting come out.
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  • I can see major mods being formed from guilds. Not only do they have the inherent player base, but mods can still be made in pieces with pooled talent. While the guilds influence should keep it all consistent.
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    My thought is still that if private server functionality gets added in later, then clans/guilds will have their own servers, and people within those guilds will be out to make good mods for use in it. Need and creativity will make for some excellent mods I think.
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  • I think it's time for a new word. Faction reminds me of my little brothers playing Minecraft. Clan reminds me of my other little brothers playing Black Ops. Guild just reminds me of my WoW days. What about words like Tribe, Crew, Pack, Posse, Circle, Clique, Band, Gang, Order, League, Camp, Coalition, Society or Set?

    Personally i like Tribe, Circle or Band. "Join my Torchlight Tribe."


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