Is a Wand a Ranged weapon?

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If a Vanquisher wants to use magic can a Wand (1-handed) be used with a pistol? Or dual wands?

Both wands and pistol (1-handed for dual use) use Range instead of melee but I am not sure if putting points into magic and using a wand is or has any advantages?



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    Easiest way to tell (I'm not running the game on this box or I would try). Start a new character. Give him/her a wand - only a wand. Look at the character stats. Does a damage range show up opposite Dex or Magic or both?

  • Thanks for the reply dreamrider!

    I am still learning this game - only had it about a week and have not found a good guide that tells me "The Basics". I have noticed that in the skill area the numbers change from white to blue depending on what weapon(s) I am using. Example = if I am using a bow I will get blue numbers in the Dex skill, If I change to sword(s) the numbers in the Strength area change to blue. (I hope this makes sense?)

    This tells me that if I want to continue using the Sword I need more strength. If I stay with Bow then I need to raise the Dex stats. So what you are saying is the way I can tell if Wand is Ranged I can watch the blue/white numbers of the skills??

    I just deleted my first character because I had no clue what I was doing and I had just been putting skill points in each one every time I leveled up. She was a mess lol.

    Thanks again - I will make a new character and try a wand - magic sounds like it might be fun to fiddle with on my Vanquisher.

    PS - I did find a great pair of boots that require much more magic than my current character has - a pair of "set" boots that I (luckly) put into my Share Chest).

    EDIT to add = Yes the Wand does show Dex and Magic. So can I "assume" that means a wand IS considered Ranged in this game?
  • Okay - I have been playing a "magic" vanquisher. Dual wands. It is a lot of fun!

    But I still can't figure out if a Wand is considered a Ranged Weapon for skills/stats? When you read the "...increases ranged weapons like bow, pistol, rifle and crossbow..." the wand is not listed.

    Also not sure if dual wands is the best way to go? It is working really well so far - and attaching different things to LM/RM can cause some pretty interesting action! Also not sure if I should concentrate on one - fire, ice etc or use different one(s) for Left hand vs Right hand.....SOOOO many things to think about and to LEARN!!

    It is DIFFERENT to say the least - so that in and of itself is fun to play.

    Has anyone else made a Magic Vanqusher and have some tips or hints as to what is the best stratagy for a build?

    I look forward to hearing your views on this - and would appreciate any and all input or links for this type of build.
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    I hate to be "that guy", but before you decide whether or not a certain build is "working out really well", you need to try it on the hardest difficulty level. What diff are you playing right now?

    You sound like you've played aRPG games before, so I'd recommend (just like the tooltip does) that you start at Hard, and then make a Very Hard character as soon as you're comfortable. That way you can really see whether or not your build is viable.

    Playing through normal is fun, but you won't learn much about the mechanics when you're pwning everything in sight with whatever random skills u decided to toss a couple points into.
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    Vodage wrote:
    Playing through normal is fun, but you won't learn much about the mechanics when you're pwning everything in sight with whatever random skills u decided to toss a couple points into.

    Agreed. My roommate (who has played numerous ARPGs in the past) plays on Normal, and he got bored of the game pretty quickly. Without a challenge, it's almost like playing with cheat codes enabled.
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    ahahahah all want to win by cheating but the real gamer never use cheats codes, change the game & install new one !

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    That's why a lot of use refrain from exploitative mods and play on Very Hard. It's a refreshing feeling to get your clock cleaned by a Dark Zealot once in a while. In my humble opinion, a character shouldn't ever seem invincible, especially due to the difficulty.
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    Using wand and pistol at the same time has its advantages and at times it has its disadvantages. The pistol is much faster that the wand so that if you use pistol first and then wand the time to hit is more whereas if you use wand first and then the pistol it’s faster. So it will be better if you use pistol in place of the second wand.
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