New(for me) Build Idea - Frost Giant - Feedback?

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Hi, I just tonight took a break from my Alchy and started to get to know the Destroyer class. (Very Hard softcore.)

I gained about 8 or 9 levels, and started to get a build idea that suits me, as a "Magic Knight/Priest/Paladin" kind of player.

I found myself thoroughly delighted by the Titan Stomp power, and the ice damage with it. I see that I can also get a "Frost Shield" once I get to character level 15. With several points in Armor Lore, I am wearing a lot of magic-based equipment. And, I've always been fond of the staff as a weapon. Plus, I have several gold staves and gold and set magic-based armor from a previous Alchy.

So, what I'm thinking, is that I could build Magic, Strength, and Defense roughly equally as attributes. Then, I could use Titan Stomp as my main attack, with Frost Shield and an Aura (Entropy, eventually respecced to Thorns) as my main defenses. I was thinking of building Magic Weapons and Adventurer as the other two primary class skills.

The aesthetic idea is to create a Frost Giant, Old Man Winter, Odin, or even Santa Claus as a kind of archetype for my character. He will have the power of Ice/Winter, and will fight by freezing his enemies to death, slowing them to ineffective numbness and immobility with his Aura of Cold and Snow, and whacking them with his staff.

Will a Magic Ice Staff Destroyer work? Please comment.
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  • I personally didn't enjoy Titan Stomp that much. For me, it was just too slow. With Slash, I'd be through those guys in a second. Might have to drink more potions, but didn't bother me.

    Frost Shield is the Cats Pajamas (it's really good). With the already high HP of a Destroyer combined with damage reduction, and block, it makes you one tough guy to take down.

    Titan Stomp is affected by STR; not sure why you're levelling magic (for the Staff?). Wondering if you could just use a Polearm instead. I've also heard that STR affects Staff damage, but you wouldn't pass a high enough requirement to handle the big staffs. I think those require 70 magic+.

    Aura of Thorns looks too light weight; I don't think I'd use it. But if it had good synergy, it would with Frost Shield and Titan Stomp to stun/inflict damage over time. Try it out for sure.

    Aura of Entropy is quite good, but I would only invest a single point in it. The gains are minimal after that.

    Level up Frost Shield max, I would invest in Armour Expertise rather than weapon (as you equip a single weapon but you equip 5 pieces+ armour; gives you access to more overall items), and I wouldn't put any points into magic. Seems like a very defensive build, so I'd go 50/50 STR DEF, and just go after a polearm. Unsure if this suits your needs, or if you really want a Frost Damage staff. Could try to find a frost based polearm and equip it with Cold Gems.

    I'm not sure if I personally would enjoy this build. The animation is too long for me.
  • You have a good point about the strength attribute governing Titan Stomp, which is his main crowd control attack.

    I already have him respecced to use sword and shield instead of staff, with most points in STR/DEF. I find the 20 second timer on the Frost Shield tedious to deal with, despite how good it is. I have be constantly checking and casting it, and 20 seconds isn't long enough for a lot of battles. Add that to watching the timers for Entropy Aura (I tried Thorns and hated it - too little damage) and Elemental Protection, and I'm managing three timers.

    I think I like the Jedi mod better where you can use both Slash and Ember Shield. I find that I like Ember Shield better because there's no timer, and you can therefore precast it before battle. So my conclusion will probably be that I like Jedi and Alchemists better than the Destroyer - he's just too strength-based for my fantasy role-playing needs - I hate feeling like I"m playing some kind of musclehead, and will mostly stick to magic-based characters, I think.
    "Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."

    "There are two refuges from the miseries of life: music, and cats."
  • Probably due to the difference in controllers, but the XBox controller makes it very easy to manage 4 spells. Anything more has to be 30-60 seconds long lasting.

    Heh. I always choose Warrior/Fighter in RPGs. That's where I want to be; up close and personal. More action. Although in almost every game the Warrior type is understated. In this game he just wrecks though. From what I've seen, he's the most powerful compared to everyone (except the summoner build, which I found dreadfully dull. I did beat the game on VH by level 27 though. Can't remember if it was **** or not.)
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