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Hello everyone!
I've been thinking in the last couple of days about creating a torchlight mod.

- "Lore" -

In a peaceful little town named torchlight, something strange happened.

Professor Temi, a very good scientist with much knowledge about the essence of Ember, was on a Top Secret experiment, something that, as he used to say, would get rid of all the anger and evil that remains on earth...
Still, it wasnt unusual to see Prof. Temi doing crazy experiments, everyone still remember's what happened to that cat some months ago... But this time someting was diferent... it seemed has if things would change in town while he was in his lab... somethings randomly dissapeared, others got burn with no explanation for it...

But, torchlight villagers were still living their lives free of fear or worries...

Until one day...

Temi believed the source of all evil came from the past, from all the bad things that were done on it. So this new experiment was supposed to let him go into the past and change it.
Ember, altough a very good source of power, is very unstable, so things went wrong...

The Ages became lost, misordered, and epic battles from the past started ocurring on that little town...
Professor Temi is trapped on time, the only thing he can do is pray for some warrior to come and save torchlight and the whole world from its terrible fate.

- "Features" -

- In Ages will let the player live an unique medley of eras, torchlight can look pre-historic, medieval, or even futuristic!
- Fight epic medieval battles, run away from dinossaurs, join the Modern Peace Army, Save historical paintings, Rearrange the different Ages timeline and get help from Professor Temi along the way
- Have unique armor sets and weapons from each era
- Use the unique Time Skills that can help you do things diferently, alter the past and see changes in the future!

So this is my idea, for now I just want to know opinions to see if it is worth it to go along with this or not.
Afterwards, if people like it, I would need to start recruiting.

Thank you for reading this wall of text :)


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