Contest: Design an Armor Set for Torchlight II!

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Contest: Design an Armor Set for Torchlight II!

As part of our Christmas fun, we're excited to announce a Winter Contest for our community. We know there are lots of talented artists among our forums. You've shared some of your work with us, and your creativity is fantastic! Well, how'd you like the opportunity to design a full armor set for Torchlight II? Now's your chance! Below are the rules from Art Director Jason Beck. We can't wait to see your work. Happy sketching over the holidays!

Contest Rules:
  1. Submissions must be made to this thread no later than 10:00am PST on January, 9, 2012. Earlier 'Work In Progress' submissions are HIGHLY encouraged.
  2. Required submission is a jpeg or png no larger than 1920x1200 at 72 dpi. The image must be hosted elsewhere and linked to in a reply to this forum thread. The image MUST be placed within SPOILER tags. You are free to use whatever image hosting service you like, some common ones include:
  3. Optional supplemental submission can be written information such as:
    1. Desired Armored Set Name
    2. Desired Stats/Properties
    3. Small blurb about the Armor Set either written as lore or from the designer's approach.
  4. Design must be original and cannot contain elements from copyrighted works, references to other IP, or use any images that you do not own.
  5. No long robes or dresses.
  6. No animated textures or spell effects.

Questions and Answers:
  1. What do you win?
    • One winning armor set design will be chosen to be modeled, textured and put into Torchlight II as a Unique Armor Set!
    • The creator of the winning armor set will also receive a Torchlight II poster signed by the team.
  2. Is there only one winning armor set?
    • Yes. Only one armor set will be modeled and put into the game.
    • We may choose some Honorable Mentions that will receive a Torchlight II poster signed by the team.
  3. What is the best way to draw an armor set?
    • A 'paperdoll' with both front, back, and either profile or 3/4 views are our preferences, but you can submit it as more of an illustrative piece.
    • While we will accept any type of illustration it is important to note that this is not a 'who can render armor the most beautifully' contest... it is a 'design contest', so even if the art is line work with flat colors we will consider it. In the end, the best design will win, not necessarily the prettiest picture.

Some Helpful Guidelines:
  • Feel free to break all or some of these guidelines, but realize the concept may have to be heavily modified to make it work in game and may remove you from consideration due to technical constraints.
  • Many concepts are incredibly creative and beautiful, but break down when it comes to the functionality of creating in game assets. Ultimately, at the end of the day your concept has to work within the confines of a system and like all systems it has limitations.
  • Armors are made as 'sets'. As such, your concept should include the understanding that it will be broken down to its corresponding parts. Currently these are as follows:
    1. Helmet
    2. Gloves
    3. Chest
    4. Pants
    5. Boots
  • Create a male and female version. These can be largely the same, but don't forget there are 'differences' in the shape the armor must adhere to.
  • Keep in mind clipping when armor is in motion. Huge helmets and shoulder pauldrons can look cool... until you turn your head sideways and defy the laws of physics. Minor clipping may on occasion happen, but major clipping is avoidable with planning.
  • Keep in mind our Art Style and the game View. Most characters will be seen from a 3/4s Top Down view and extremely minute details will be lost or look like busy noise. Design a strong silhouette from our default view rather than from the front as you only see it that way in your inventory screen.
  • When creating assets for games there are seam lines where the models swap in and out, creating armor pieces that break these seam lines can be problematic and may ruin their ability to interact with other armor sets. Figure 1 below is a guide where our major seams and IDs are to help you in planning your set.
  • Figure 2 below is a rough example of some of our geometry to give those of you familiar with 3d modeling a bit more info on the models/pieces.
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    Submission Samples

    See the images in this post for some sample images to see some ideas on the kind of images to submit. These images are not related to each other as a single submission, just a collection of examples for you.

    Set Name Here

    Desired Stats/Properties, Small blurb about the Armor Set either written as lore or from the designer's approach.

    Sample Sketch:
    Full Size Available Here:

    Sample Illustration:
    Full Size Available Here:

    Sample Paperdolls:
    Full Size Available Here:
    Full Size Available Here:
    Time and resources are realities that force tough decisions regarding our desires. - BECK
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    I droped out 2many good people.
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    *tries to find his art supplies*
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    I started working the moment I heard, I have one near done but i'm sure i'll use it. It's cool but not dashing, probably only use it as a back up. My creativity is also limited by my drawing skill and the fact I chew erasers :oops:
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    I don't see myself creating anything worth submitting anytime soon, so good luck to all that enter. I might try since winter break is coming up.
  • After stuffing up 3 times making my account i finally done it, All this time lurking was put to an end by this contest. Ill update as i go, ill probably start after xmas though :D
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    Pendragon wrote:
    After stuffing up 3 times making my account i finally done it, All this time lurking was put to an end by this contest. Ill update as i go, ill probably start after xmas though :D
    Welcome to the forum!
  • Submissions must be made to this thread no later than 10:00am PST on January, 9, 2012.
    One winning armor set design will be chosen to be modeled, textured and put into Torchlight II as a Unique Armor Set!
    So, there is no game release in 2011, as promised? :?
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    I don't have a sig
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    awe man come on.. i don't know how to do all this mumbo jumbo computer stuff, but i can draw it by hand.

    whatever i'm gonna post hand drawn pictures.
  • This is my armor atm, adding color soon and side drawings

    Uploaded with
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    ****, doing this from Panama is going to be hard. And i haven't drawn anything with effort in a couple of years. ****, ****, ****, ****, craaaap.

    Ok, I'll see if i can't whip something up.
    I put the "DOOM" in "****."
  • Absolutely awesome idea !
    Very great contest !

    Too bad I am not an artist... :D
    Good luck everybody!
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    Embermage "Salvaged" Armor

    This Embermage was salvaged pieces of a warrior's damaged plate armor for added protection from melee attacks.

    Color Test for the Embermage "Salvaged" Armor.

    Female Armor Variant

    Color Test

    More Art to come.
  • Started to colour it in, might be used for engineer.

    Uploaded with
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    would a knee length trench be too long?

    cause i really want an armoured trench coat in the game...
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    And with this announcement, all work on mods has ceased... ;)
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    -- Crow Cultist --
    Most recent is the last on the list (though the final submission I will probably just stick at the top and leave the rest below).

    Finished, finally. Did the shading, and just added a few more details here and there.

    Additionally, here's a "beauty render", just for fun: ... -277890342

    WIP 1:
    First wip of a "crow cultist" type getup. I am (perhaps unwisely) choosing to start out designing each individual piece, and will fit them onto a paper doll later. Currently this shows the helm, pauldrons, and gloves (bracers in this case).


    WIP 2 (paperdoll/orthogonal views):

    - worth noting that I changed the location and size of the feathers on the pauldrons, to decrease potential clipping problems

    - next plans are to do a female version (just the robe-ish part of the garment, i.e. chest/pants, with the rest staying about the same for both genders), then do a back view for each, then (if time permits) do a prettified-up shaded version of the front views.

    WIP 3:

    - Added the female front and side views
    - Added "pants" views (without the robe section of the pants in the way)
    - Edited a few details on the male version
    - Back views are next, then shaded.

    (Edit: on my monitor, the spoiler tag is clipping off the right end of the image and is obscuring the "female version" section on my browser. If this is the case for you, you can try viewing the image separately to see the whole thing.)

    WIP 4:

    Reorganized things for clarity, now the male version is above and female is below. Includes back view of torso and addtl views of gauntlets and pauldrons.
    Last step is to make something shaded and shiny! And, to add a bit more detail I suppose, so there aren't such broad spaces of flat color (I did have that rune-like writing on some of the red trimming in the first WIP, so that or something like that will probably get added back in.)

    Arkham's Armory (TL2) | Lego Wizard pet (TL1)

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    I quit
  • Started to develop aura for the armor, may dumb it.

    Uploaded with
  • I'm in :) I'll post WIPs as I finish them.

    Also, can we have more than one entry?
  • Started to develop aura for the armor, may dumb it.

    Uploaded with

    Hey Bud, just letting you know that I don't think we're alowed Auras, I think that's classified under rule number 6. Your Armour is looking good though, keep it up.
    6. No animated textures or spell effects.
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    I think this entry may be outside the scope of the contest.

    Emperor's New Clothes

    This set covers every piece of equipment that the character can wear from head to toe excluding rings and amulet. The thing with this set is that while the player can see the items in their inventory and on the ground, and can equip it like every other piece of gear. The item would not actually appear on the character in game or on their paper doll once they put it on. For example, if the character has the helmet on in the inventory screen, in game, the character will still look like they are without a helmet even though they are actually wearing one. In fact, once the set is completed, the character looks like they are wearing nothing at all and are just in the most basic starting outfit but would be able to run through all manner of dangers unharm as if wearing a full set armour (because he/she actually is).

    Desired Stats/Properties - incremental bouns to defence, HP, Mana, and all resistances with partial set, and a big jump to defence, HP, Mana, and all resistances with the complete set.

    As the set is invisible in game, I don't have any skeches of the items. Perharps in the inventroy screen and on the ground the items will appears as a basic translucent white item with a gold trim, but there's no actual image for the paper doll I'm afraid.
  • Here's my first go at it. I'm imagining it being some sort of turquoise-colored, crystalline material (the formations could be grown in that fashion, rather than carved). The eyes will probably have to glow from inside the helmet to make it stand out more. And... perhaps it could increase your allies' defenses within a certain radius. Whatever :?
    Anyways, I'm going to move in some other directions before going any further, but critiques are welcome :)
  • Wow i think ill need to redesign my submission, how did you get that drawing so equal?
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    the twitter post!/RunicGames/status ... 7231690753

    says the deadline Jan 2

    I assume twitter is incorrect
    I don't have a sig
  • Release date is probably guaranteed in January by the look of things, btw he said on twitter "through January 2nd" probably meaning that when they come to decide but not finish the competition.
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    Release date is probably guaranteed in January by the look of things

    Just because the contest deadline is in Jan doesn't mean that a release date is gueranteed. If anything, it being Jan 2nd means that that's when the team would start judging the contest. Figure a few days to a week to decide and announce the winner. That probably involves working out what designs look best, will work with the animations/rigging etc. Then they have to model, texture, rig etc the contest winners design, figure out wether or not it actually works in game, etc. All this guerantees is that it WON'T be out in January, if anything.

    Sorry about the off topic, I suggest we keep this thread to contest related discussion only
  • I am in this is awesome. Already Started some ideas they are just quick 10, 15 mins each just a bunch of random lines until i see something cool within those chaotic lines.

    gonna take more time to come up with different sets until I find the right one.

    countercruel i am sure he is just in photoshop copy pasting one side then using the transform tool to flip it horizontally.
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    Had to end my lurking for this. I want to start by saying, "WOW!" there are some amazing WIP submissions. Good luck to everyone, I will scan some stuff tonight after work.

    Edit: adding images

    This one is my favorite so far:

    Some sort of hockey inspiration here:

    Last one for now:

    Still trying to work some of these parts into something I really like.
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