Wine/Linux again.

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I want to send out before that i purchased the game here at

I am a heavy linux user and just dont want to reboot to windows to play the game.

Tried it to run in wine, doesn't work because of the DRM. (Error: Could not map section YMY) Got myself a copy of the pirated version now, to check if it would run.
And i have to say it runs just perfect, fullscreen doesnt work, but who cares for that if you can go windowed in you screenresolution and just hide the window decorations.
Just dont want to stick with that pirated version regarding bugs, patches and so on.

Is there _any_ way you can think of you can support the linux community by making a version of (the version of) the game which could run on wine?
I don't want to face the evil every day (windows :P) only to play torchlight. I undoubtedly would to play this great game, but it kinda hurts my feelings =)

such a nice game. thanks


  • Edit: Hopefully you can get this sorted out! **** playing pirated version probably...feel all guilty.
    Menace gifted my tochlight at steam for free! Ty very much! Had no money to buy it :( TY again!
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    I don't play it, i just just downloaded it for scientific purpose, to try if it would work without DRM.

    For the time beeing i still reboot to windows to play. But i can't say that i don't feel guilty for that too.
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  • I too experimented with the cracked version. I can't believe I brought myself to do that, but I wanted to know what the games compatibility was if it wasn't for the DRM blocker. Game ran perfect for me on my laptop, in full screen with all settings on high/very high and full screen anti-aliasing. I played for about 8 hours, 0 crashes, 0 slow downs, no oversized frames just a wonderful gaming experience running a pretty consistent 40-60fps. Towards the end of the session the audio did start crackling though. The only issue I had was that I couldn't change the res through the game ui, had to do it in settings.txt (but we linux users are pretty used to that). I would give the (cracked) game a gold rating on winehq in its current state.

    **** you Runic for making me out to be a criminal to play the game I payed for. Cast your vote for a native linux client here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=901&start=20
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