Blood checkbox unchecked, still blood?

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I am of the opinion blood and games don't mix, and was quite glad torchlight has an option to turn blood off. I did notice a couple instances where blood still exists. When a champion specter summons a regular specter there is a puddle of blood around where it was summoned. The second instant is the "bleeding" effect, such as the tu'tara edgebreaker causes.

I do not think of myself as incompetent and wish to find a way to create a mod to fix this issue, trouble is I am new to torchlight and do not know where the files are located. I suspect the summon blood is related to the champion specter, and the bleeding is related the the character who is under the effects of bleeding.

So, my questions are, Does a mod exist that fixes this problem already? If not, where should I go to look for these files?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. I was unsure where to post this, under design or help, I settled for design in the end. Let me know if this was a bad choice so I don't make the same mistake twice.


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    I would suggest placing something in Mod Discussion. Not just because of traffic, as people don't frequent this subforum that much - heck, I only ended up here because I haven't been on Design in over half a year and I was curious what had happened in the meantime :P -, so on Mod Discussion more modders would come across your post, but also because things like mod ideas, suggestions, and request tend to be posted there.

    What I imagine is the cause of this is that the normal blood effects that happen are part of the general game system, while the blood produced in the circumstances you mention are part of those specific skills. They are not removed or altered by toggling the option mostly because the game can be modded.
    I can theoretically make a mod with some overly gruesome skill with heaps of blood and whatnot, but if I use new blood effects and particles that I made myself, there's really no way Runic could develop a system that can account for that.

    At any rate, I think I've done what you asked. Note that the blood effect on the Edgebreaker's dash is the same as on the Vanquisher's Hamstring skill, so that skill should not show blood anymore either. I assume you don't mind but I thought I'd mention :P
    It does mean that there's no visual indication for the bleed damage outside of the damage numbers, though. Also, the convert zombie ability might look a bit more sudden without the blood particles to cover the game swapping out the zombie for a ghost :P

    Here you go: ... V3dpR01UQw


    Also I may have forgotten to include a readme but I guess the mod.dat file at least has a description of what the mod does >_>
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