Post a pic of your Alchemist!



  • rubrub Posts: 54
  • ZephyrZephyr Posts: 35

    Yay for level 100 and permanent burrower!
  • oldsolds Posts: 48

    lev 96 could look better cant get rid of shoulders they are unique and have +80% crit damage on them :D
    Retired 32 Alchemist Normal
    Current 100 Alchemist Very Hard
  • ArbaHCArbaHC Posts: 12
    My lvl 20 in VHHC :)

    VHHC : Alchi lvl 20 still alive
  • Here's my alchemist I just started, I'm realling liking this class..still have to try Vanquisher but Alchemist's just seem to pack that "punch" lol :P
    he's lvl 15 right now..

    "Never Compromise..even in the face of Armageddon"
  • zipr.jpg
    full court set
    got full dragonslayer set in bags
    got 2 set of gargonas love
    got 2 set of dreamers
    got 2 set of something totally useless for a alcheemist, but cant remember will look it up.
    wands are both orange, rest of the gear aswell except for the court set
    currently 29
  • adderadder Posts: 1
    lvl 32
  • Here's mine: LVL 35 Tarkus :D
    All armor goldie exept 4 boots and chest and both Wands Goldies, gotta love the elemental-aura-less one, The Leonardo's Conundrum.
  • alchemist44.png
    My lvl 44 alchemist.
  • lvl 31, 100% arcane.

  • holy **** level 100, nerds.

    lol srsly nice guys. **** beastin
  • Here's mine, lvl 30, gunner in very hard, pretty hard sometimes ^^

  • ToxTox Posts: 5
    I just hit only level 18, but thought I'd share the mass amount of gold and purples I've found... I did a interesting thing with this guy... he uses a wand and a shield, has 10 points in Magic Weapon Expertise, 8 in Ember Shock, and 7 in ember Shiled.

    He's a battle mage style where his gems help him boost armor and defenses while putting out offense in the muck of things. I'm sure this is probably some janky build compared to others, but for $20 I'm having a blast :D

    His name is Steelwing and I tried to put all the details of the things I'm wearing into one view:

  • OLDS whats your [email protected] **** YOU :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  • here's my sucker, wakeen, 54.
  • KuinaKuina Posts: 1
    My Alchemist equipped with Epic Homunculist armor set.

  • HenktardHenktard Posts: 3
    edited November 2009
    Here is my Second Alc hes lvl77 my first Alc Retired at lvl39 :P
    Hes armor is for lvl 20-30 xD
    I really want the "Transmutor Sholder" :P

    I have some mods:
    and RespecMod
    Is it ok that i have those mods or will i be call'd a cheater on the forums? .P

    I relly got boost from Epic Boss map but it was to much(My gear is from lvl 20) and all i can do is spam Ember Sheld and Health post to survive, time to retier and make a new...
    (And delete Epic Boss Maps :P)
  • decoydecoy Posts: 9
    updated with some newer gear. i love when the gear all matches :P
  • AttackGorillaAttackGorilla Posts: 1,656
    Sorry, but my undead alchemist just looks too good with this armor set.... (i love the evil going on here) [minus the arctic puppy]
    I think he is about to go to a death metal show... :twisted:
  • oldsolds Posts: 48
    some new staffs i found :D

    The one in pic im using is the Anchorbeast looks the best out of the 2 looks wise imo

    (edit because ive Magic weapons expertise 10 that best staff loses 10 lev req its 78 the highest ive seen on anything ingame ill have to go crazy with enchanter see what happens as items get enchants from item level now)
    my build as couple asked is
    10 points in
    Magic weapons expertise
    Critical strikes
    Alchem Golem
    Advance Spellcasting
    Nether Imp
    Burning Bind
    Pet Mastery
    Beam Golem
    Treasure Hunter
    Armour Expertise
    Ember Shield
    Block and Parry
    3 points in Offensive spells

    Not really played to much since patch busy with a destroyer but i think emberbolt will do fine as replacement for lance i tried it out before patch it seemed fine with enougth fast cast.
    Just my 2 cents
    Retired 32 Alchemist Normal
    Current 100 Alchemist Very Hard
  • UrielUriel Posts: 3
    a friend of mine still uses the lance just fine ... he's lvl 61 and gets 16k dmg crits
  • PuckPuck Posts: 15
  • NewPicture.png

    just started playing.. bought it about 2 hrs ago haha. add me all if you want, Steam username duhfresne

  • VaustVaust Posts: 29
    lvl 26, mixed skills... kind of a lancer, golem summoner with armor expertise.4AHza.png
  • t00ey wrote:

    I won't have the game till next month but...
    This right here: Best Armor Ever.
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  • VaustVaust Posts: 29
    Armored caster.

  • HijaxHijax Posts: 4
    Jamblegook is currently lvl 13.
  • Level 12 Minion Master Alchemist:
    Hard Mode Characters
    Foolz - Level 4X DW Devastate Destroyer
    Viridianne - Level 1X Explosive Shot Vanquisher
    Daftendirekt - Level 1X Minion Master Alchemist
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