Post a pic of your Alchemist!



  • margusthealchemist.jpg
  • mistwolfmistwolf Posts: 127
    My lvl 100 alchy, he was lancer at first, but coz of so many skill points from fame and lvl, i was able to max lance, pyre (with scaling mode), ember strike, advanced spellcasting, magic weapons, critical strikes, imps (with occuli mod), alchemical golem (with tinker toy mod), beam golem, burning bind, pet mastery, ember shield 1, terror 1, and phase 1

    i'm using overload 4 5 and 6 + web

    I'm using this wand of mine that i have heir-loomed multiple times =), it's a pretty old picture though, i think after the heir-loom thing it's now at 2,500 dps lol and 2 fire ember shards after farming fire gems at the gem merchant :D
  • JediJasonAJediJasonA Posts: 103
    I'm gonna eat some humble pie and ask a very noob question: How exactly do I post a pic of my Alchemist? I wouldn't mind showing mine off. :lol:
  • dacckondacckon Posts: 493
    Its time to bump this thread with mah new alch.

  • ValseriusAlchemistTL.png?t=1272271796

    Lv 22, currently using this character to attempt the 'less than 5 hours' Steam achievement. It's gonna be close, 4:30 and about 3 more floors left. Wish me luck, I'll need it.
  • JediJasonAJediJasonA Posts: 103

    FINALLY figured out how to do this! This is Gotab, my lvl 28 Alchemist. 5 points for the first person to guess where I got the name from, LOL.
  • myguy.jpg
  • JoogieJoogie Posts: 7

    Rince level 59 VHHC
  • morphmurphmorphmurph Posts: 37
    edited May 2010
    My summoner with his followers, lvl 54.

    Uploaded with
    Item Checklist (Google Docs)
    My Item Checklist
    Speedruns : 1:35 Vanq | 2:00 Vanq | 2:33 Alch | 3:21 Dest
  • mackazoidmackazoid Posts: 1
    Here he is! Level 40! :D
    Magnus' Sleeping Overlord with Unique shoulders, chest, belt and boots. Still waiting for the right gloves and helmet, though currently they are Purple items!
    My aim is to collect all of Magnus' Trove!
  • GWTNGUY.jpg?t=1275210932
    Yea boi.... this isn't my ordinary armour. This just looks way more bad ****. I'm like 33-34 or something.
  • morphmurphmorphmurph Posts: 37
    28 Days later my alchemist Usado has reached level 100. My 2nd 100 toon. Summoner build.
    Item Checklist (Google Docs)
    My Item Checklist
    Speedruns : 1:35 Vanq | 2:00 Vanq | 2:33 Alch | 3:21 Dest
  • murrummurrum Posts: 3
    Here is my twinked lvl5 gun alchemist. wearing full gunslinger armour and with dual whirling gearguns.
  • hahaha LOL @ Rince wind. Nice reference :)
  • shadowhandshadowhand Posts: 7

    Level 21 gun alchemist. MOAR DEX!!!1

    Edit: Level 25, but still... MOAR DEX!!1
  • adoomgodadoomgod Posts: 4,270

    My alchemist is level 741... mod. but those items are originals.
    I put the "DOOM" in "****."
  • karlkarl Posts: 109
    click to enlarge: 262762d_th.jpg

    He's only my second character, and just reached level 40. Currently his armor is chosen for function rather than appearance.
    The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
  • adoomgodadoomgod Posts: 4,270
    Here's my alchemist in battle mode. The skill is un modded, my equipment is not:
    I put the "DOOM" in "****."
  • Maxed out finally, gear enchanted mainly using well known enchanting shrines exploit since town enchanter sux, if anybody will be interested in gear screens and overall build i can post some more stuff.

    He is melle orientated, the equipment he uses :

    Dual Swords : Epic Sulaman's Crusader
    Armor Set : Epic Graven's Amassment [except maces of course]
    Neackle and rings : Epic Pundee's Band x2, Epic Freman's Finest
    Gems used in armorwear : Lucky Fish Toot x5, Devil Fish Eye x3, The Pirate Skull x4, The Sea Kings Core-Ember Shard x2, The Infinite Pure-Ember Shard x4
    Gems in weapon : The Pirate Skull x2, The Sea Kings Core-Ember Shard x2

    Skill Build : ... ,0,0,0,0,0

    Stats Build : 2str : 1mag : 2def untill lvl 50 and later onward 2str : 3def
  • njp1589njp1589 Posts: 2

    Level 27, no mods except pet shop and respec... He was a lancer, but when I looked at his stats, he was a really viable battlemage w/minions so I went that route.

    Equips are: 2x Zerker Spike, Zerker Belt, Dream Manipulators, Dream Catcher, Dream Boots, Dragonslayer Chest, Dragonslayer Shoulders, Serpent Helm.
  • karlkarl Posts: 109
    Having maxed out Ember Bolt and a lot (maybe all?) of the passive skills, my alchemist started to invest points in summoning spells. The result: many adorable purple critters! :D

    click to enlarge: 27x0boz_th.jpg
    The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
  • 09302010121826477.png

    Lazerz approves of this post from his uber throne.
    Hmm... Ember Lance, sounds cool, let's give it a sho - IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR!
  • gr3g0reegr3g0ree Posts: 1
    So here is my Lv29 alchemist ith some stats if anyone interested.
    (made the huge mistake to delete my lv 41+ destroyer, but will start another charakter later ;))

  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭
    Pic of my Alchemist using the Sith Lord mod!
    Taken with Torchlight Cam v 1.02
  • OmnicideOmnicide Posts: 263
    That's a nice looking pic Phanjam, I might look into getting that Jedi mod to mess around with myself.

    Here's my Alchemist frying an enemy up to feed to his hungry pets:
    Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because I am the baddest mother****er in the valley.
  • 2cgkf12.jpg

    My 1st Alchemist, only lvl 30 or so now but still gg :)
  • drachirdrachir Posts: 62

    Elvira, Level 23, ****, Mods Used GenderMod

    Going strong with help of minions and judicial use of Ember Shock... Great fun... death continually tapping on the window :)
    'Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little' - Epicurus c260BC
  • SkladzienSkladzien Posts: 419
    Unmodded Alchemist.
    Full Epic Magnus Set (w/o staff), Instead of Magnus staff i Use Epic Godhammer.
  • zekromzekrom Posts: 114
    Skladzien wrote:
    Unmodded Alchemist.
    Full Epic Magnus Set (w/o staff), Instead of Magnus staff i Use Epic Godhammer.
    wow looks real badass
  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭
    Skladzien wrote:
    Unmodded Alchemist...
    Pet looks like it's from a mod though - am I right? and if so, which mod? looks very cool :) !
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