My DW Destroyer.

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I love his look atm I am planning to make a battle mage soon so :)

I mainly use slash atm.
I have two weapons im still too low level o use but im going to post a pic of them and see if anyone has anything better :)


  • asadasdasadasd Posts: 1
    had every weapon of this ''set''and i had the bow,staff,sword of the last boss
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    If your two Stash weapons are not both Epic Unknowables (sword), each with at least 15 layers of enchantment on them, then the answer is Yes, someone somewhere has a better set of Dual-Wielding Melee 1-handers. (Not me, but I've got ranged stuff of equivalent rarity & enchantment difficulty.) Recall that folks have been playing this game for a looong time.

    BTW, if you ARE trying to amass the best Destroyer Melee Dual Wield combo, you may take the above suggestion as a guide. The other possibility would probably be the Epic Graven's Maces, combined with the entire Set, even though they are inherently a lot slower. Two Epic Swords of the War **** would probably be superior if played vanilla (no additional enchantments), but the Unknowables are super-fast, which means that their DPS would benefit more from any damage enchantments.

    Be careful when putting together your combo to try to use weapons of same speed. Otherwise, the slower weapon will negate many of the speed benefits of the faster. Also, always put the Higer DPS weapon in your right hand; that side is always used for weapon-based Skill attacks.

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