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Torchlight 1: Achievement Guide
I was inspired to finish all of my Torchlight 1 achievements while waiting for Torchlight 2. There is just something satisfying about being completely done with one chapter before starting the next. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any good Torchlight achievement guides. Most of the ones out there were not only outdated, but seemed to be written by people who hadn't actually finished them.

While this would normally not be a problem, a couple achievements are incredibly finicky and the method of finishing them is either not obvious or non-trivial. Furthermore, many of them are synergistic with each other. After much trial and error and about ninety-eight hours in game, I wrote some tips to help you in your achievement hunting progress:

Tips Before you begin
First, make sure you read the Very Hard Achievement section before working on any of these achievements. In particular, you need work on Cash for Trash and Master Smasher the correct way or you won't actually make progress towards them. Second, check out the list of mods. If you just want to get achievements as fast as possible, several of these can accelerate your progress. Conversely, some mods will make hunting for certain achievements impossible. Use common sense when adding them. Here are some other tips:
  • Make sure you are connected to Steam. No offline mode.
  • Most achievements won't trigger until you zone or quit the game.
  • Achievement progress won't show up until you fully exit the game and Steam synchs up.
  • Sometimes they don't trigger the first time. (I didn't experience this, but it has been reported)
  • Press alt-tab to view your achievements while in game.
  • The Ironman Achievement is no longer in the game. You will not be able to get it. (There used to be 67 achievements)

Storyline Achievements
These are achievements you will get just by playing the main game and beating bosses. Here is how to get them all:
Boss Achievements - (The Adventure Begins, Over the Brink, A Lich to Scratch, Tree Hugger, When this Town's a Rockin', Big and Green and Dead all Over, Purple People Defeater, Only a Master of Evil)
You should get these as long as you are connected to Steam while you make your way through the game. It doesn't matter what your game-mode is.

Ordrak Achievements - (Beast Slayer I, Beast Slayer II, Beast Slayer III)
Just killing Ordrak on Very Hard will get you all three of these achievements. There should be no need to play the game on Hard, Normal or Easy in non-**** mode.

**** Achievements - (Perfect Victory, **** Victor, **** Hero, **** Champion, **** ****)
Unlike the normal **** achievements, you actually have to beat Ordrak on each difficulty level in ****. My suggestion is to do one of them slowly then use the gear you accrue to do speed runs through the others. Check out the mod section at the end if you are having troubles in Very Hard.

Speed Clear Achievements - (Swift Execution, Speed King)
Each class has a skill that makes speed clearing a breeze: Vanquishers get Hamstring, Alchemists have Ember Phase, and Destroyers get Devastate. You can make it through the game in five hours easily just by playing normally and skipping most quests. Clear a path to each staircase and descend. If you are having trouble getting them, here are some tips:
  • Combine these achievements with your **** Easy run (**** Victor). An unmodded Easy Ironman (no stash, merchants or quests) run took me about 2 hours with the Alchemist.
  • Equip some +experience gain items to get your level 25 speed skill (20 in the case of the Alchemist).
  • There are mods that take away item level / stat requirements. Put these on a Vanquisher then level up quickly to 25 and use hamstring. Using this method, you can actually go from start to killing Ordrak and even do all hatch quests in less than 40 minutes.

Hat Trick
This achievement is slightly buggy. You have to beat Ordrak with all three character classes, but even when you do this it won't immediately give it to you right away. The game seems to check for this achievement whenever you create a new character. The first time you do this after having met the prerequisites, you will get the achievement.

Easy Achievements
These are achievements you don't really need to strive for. Just play the game normally and you will get them.
Monster Slaying Achievement - (Gibbed, Wabam, Supreme Slayer)
You will get Gibbed within the first thirty minutes of play. Supreme Slayer will take quite a bit longer. I got mine after three playthroughs and fifty Shadow Vault levels. Your results may vary depending on how thorough you clear levels your first few games.

Money Achievements – (Rich, Deep Pockets)
Just pick up loot and sell it to the vendor. You will easily gather enough money once you work on your True Delver achievement. Certain mods make these easier (see my mod section), but they are not necessary.

Easy Pet Achievements - (Beast of Burden, Pet Trainer, Fetch a Fair Price, Shape Shifter)
If you don't completely ignore your pet, you should be able to easily get these on your first play through. Here are a couple notes:
  • I like Summon Zombies, Heal All and Summon Skeleton Archers for pet spells.
  • Just feed your pet any fish for Shape Shifter.
  • You can transfer items from your inventory to your pets by pressing shift-click. You can also tell him to pick up loot by shift-clicking on an item on the ground.
  • Once his loot is full, click the money bag next to his icon to send him back to town.

Miscellaneous Easy Achievements – (Questor, Walkabout, Ka-Chunk)
You will automatically get Questor and Walkabout as you work toward the other achievements. If you want to get Questor faster, do some of the random quests along the way. For Ka-Chunk, just look for hidden switches and levers as you travel through the dungeon. They are so plentiful that you will probably be able to get it your first or second playthrough.

Moderate Achievements
These are fairly straight forward achievements, but you do need to go out of your way to get them. It is quite possible to do several playthroughs without triggering any of them.
Moderate Pet Achievements - (Sorcelator's Servant, Transmogrifier, Price of Loyalty)
Sorcelator's Servant comes from feeding your pet a Pocketfish. Unless you have some type of fishing mod installed, the only way to get these is inside the dungeon. Just fish in any pool below level five and you will eventually get one.

You get Transmogrifier by permanently transforming your fish into another shape. The easiest way to do this is buy a Catfish or Dogfish from the potion vendor and use it on your fish. They will change permanently into a Cat or Dog.

For Price of Loyalty, just hold down shift when you press your potion hotkey while your pet is low on health. This will feed your pet a potion and they will start to heal. Do this fifty times and the achievement is yours.

Enchantment Achievements - (Enchanted, Enchantment Overload, The Need for Greed, **** Luck)
A no fail enchantment mod (there are several) will make Enchanted and Enchantment Overload much easier to get. It may also trivialize the game, however, if you over-enchant your items. Make sure to turn the mod off, though, when you do Need for Greed and **** Luck. Here is the cheapest and easiest way to get them:
  • Turn off any no-fail enchant mod.
  • Buy / find the cheapest armor and weapons that you can.
  • Enchant them one at a time until you get **** Luck (the achievement will trigger instantly).
  • Now find the cheapest armor / weapon you can find / buy.
  • Enchant it over and over until you have the required number of disenchants.
  • Zone or log out of the game and you should get your achievement.
  • An even cheaper method is to install a gold transfer mod, transfer gold from your high level character to a new character, then use the level one character to buy the cheap items.

Sir Mixes-a-lot
You get this achievement by using Duran the Transmuter to transmute some items. The easiest recipe is to transmute three health potions to big health potions. Just buy a few stacks, give a stack to Duran and hit Transmute. For a list of other items you can transmute, see the transutation article on RGF.

Gambling Achievements – (Gambling Enthusiast, Gambling Addict, Gambling Fiend, Lucky Gambler)
These achievements are fairly straight forward. Simply buy items from the gambler to get them. They even synergize with Cash for Trash since the items you gamble count when you resell them. If you are having trouble with these achievements, there are a couple mods that actually make Gambling a profitable (although this may trivialize your game). Check out the mod section.

Mod Achievements – (Mod Squad, Mod Maniac, Modpocalypse)
You get these for installing mods. I suggest going to Runic Games Fansite and downloading Hot Spot . It is currently (as of writing this article), the best mod manager out there and will let you pick mods you want to try from a list. It is the current successor of what Torchleech used to be before it was no longer supported. If you don't want to use a mod manager, go directly to the Runic Games Fansite mod area and download mods manually.

Hard Achievements
These are achievements that you have to go significantly out of your way to achieve. You won't get necessarily get them just doing normal playthroughs unless you are specifically trying for them.
The Horse Whisperer
Talk to the Horse in town 100 times to get this achievement. Not hard, but somewhat tedious to do.

Epic Strike
You should be able to get this achievement on your Deep Delver / The Long Haul run as long as you are enchanting your gear enough. Each class has skills that scale more than others. Look for skills that scale with weapon DPS or 100% of an attribute and pump those up. If you are still having troubles, there are several mods that raise the level cap and skill cap. Be aware, though, that these mods might trivialize the Shadow Vault if you significantly out-level the monsters in it. They will also make getting Superstar more difficult. Also note that this achievement won't show up until you change areas or log out.

Shadow Vault Achievements - (Deep Delver, True Delver, Universally Understood)
These are achievements for finishing Gar quests and going to level 100 of the shadow vault. You will not actually get the achievement until you zone away from the current level. It is quite possible to rush your way through the vault using haste and hamstring or ember phase, but it is also an excellent place to work on some of the more grindy achievements (Trolling for Punishment, Master Smasher, Cash for Trash, Superstar, and Supreme Slayer). Once these are finished, the quickest way to get to level 101 is just to run through as fast as possible.

Fishing Achievements - (Angler, Fisherman)
You can get these anywhere, including the town. Read the description of Fisher King in the Very Hard section for a list of fishing tips.

Leveling Achievements - (Pension Plan, The Long Haul, Superstar)
As long as you are not rushing through, Pension Plan and the Long Haul should be easily attained before you get down to level 100 of the Shadow Vault. Superstar is more difficult as it actually requires you to reach maximum fame. If you are unmodded, you will get Superstar right when you achieve level 55 fame. Some mods, however, increase the fame cap to 200 or higher and you will need to reach this new amount. There are several mods that help you maximize fame easily if you don't do it in your True Delver run.

Retirement Achievements – (Passing the Torch, Noble Lineage, Line of Kings)
You need to retire multiple times to get these achievements. One way to finish Line of Kings more easily is to install a mod that increases the maximum level. If you do this, you can get it by simply retiring one or two characters.

Trolling for Punishment
This achievement only counts champion Trolls from the Goblin Prison level. Champion Trolls from the Mines don't seem to count. Make sure you kill every one you see. Even doing that, you may not get this for several playthroughs. If you are having troubles, you can download mods that increase the numbers of champions. Note: Your count often won't update until you zone or log out and let Steam synch with Torchlight.

Very Hard Achievements
These are in my opinion, the most difficult achievements to get in TL 1. They are either very time intensive, require you to go significantly out of your way to get, are somewhat bugged, or are a combination of all of the above.
Cash For Trash
Probably the most difficult TL 1 achievement to get. It requires you to sell 10k items to the vendors. Unfortunately, pet sales are not counted so you have actually portal back to town and sell your items manually. Several achievement sites say you cannot buy from a vendor and sell back. This is not completely true. You can sell back both gambled goods and weapons and armor that you buy from a vendor to make progress. Here are some of my tips:
  • Pick up everything and go back to town each time you and your pet inventories get full.
  • That means you shouldn't use your pet to sell items anymore after unlocking all the pet achievements.
  • If you have a lot of money you can either gamble and resell the items, or buy a lot of armor / weapons.
  • If you have a money transfer mod, you can buy / resell weapons and armor with your level one character for cheaper than with your higher level character.
  • Items that increase resale value of items make this cheaper (in fact if you have a unique drop mod and a sale price mod, you will actually make a profit from gambling).
  • Your progress will not update until you close the game and let Steam synch.

Potion Whiz
This is another annoying achievement, primarily because most players cease to use potions once they get high enough level. You cannot get this achievement quickly because you cannot actually use a potion unless you are low on life and mana. You also can't use a potion while the previous one is taking effect (this means you have to wait about six seconds between spamming). Here is an easy way to spam potions:
  • Add a shield enchanted with Mana and Life on weapon switch one.
  • Add a weapon with no Mana or Life enchant to weapon switch two.
  • Fill up your inventory with healing and mana potions.
  • Hit your weapon swap key while spamming your two potion buttons. You should be able to get into a rhythm where you minimize the number of button presses you need to do.
  • Using this method, you can get this achievement spamming potions in town for an hour or so.
  • Alternatively you can combine Potion Whiz with Fisher King to make both less tedious.
  • You can also use the weapon swap technique while running through dungeons if you are playing an Alchemist who uses spells.

Dying 500 times without meaning to is almost impossible to do in Torchlight 1. Most people who have over 100 hours don't even have 100 natural deaths. Here is how to get this achievement as quickly as possible:
  • Find a boss next to the stairs.
  • Draw the boss to your stairs.
  • Take off your armor.
  • Let the Boss repeatedly kill you over and over.
  • Choose respawn at dungeon entrance and listen to music while you are clicking
  • Periodically check your journal to see how many times you have died.
  • It will take somewhere between thirty minutes and an hour to complete the achievement. Enjoy! (Note: You won't get it till you log out of the game)

Down the Hatch
Fifty Hatch quests takes a long time considering you can only get eight in each new game. Even if you get all the **** achievements (8 x 4 = 32) and play through once on non-****, you will still need to finish ten more Hatch quests. You can do these quickly with two methods: Either do a speed run to Ordrak then do your Hatch quests (you can do this in less than an hour if geared correctly) or make a new character and get to level five of the main dungeon. This opens up three hatch quests and you can repeat as needed (about 15-20 minutes per run). Overall, Down the Hatch will probably be the last achievement you finish.

Fisher King
This is probably the most mind numbing of all the achievements. Fishing 1000 times takes at least a couple hours of real time and can get mind numbing if you try to do it all in one sitting. Here are some of the techniques I used to control the monotony:
  • Combine this achievement with Potion Whiz (chug two potions after each fish). Knowing that you are working on two achievements at once seemed to make it much more fun.
  • Do it is small increments: Fill up with 200 of each kind of potion and either stop fishing or take a break from Torchlight for a while when the potions are gone.
  • Fish deep in the Shadow Vault so that you can get Strange Land materials at the same time.

Master Smasher
The only reason that this achievement is in the very hard section is that it is bugged. Only barrels broken with melee attacks count. This means that wand / gun shots, spells etc will not work. Unless you're playing Destroyer, keep a melee weapon on switch and break all breakables with it until you get the achievement.

Helpful Mods
Multiple mods that can either make these achievements much harder or much easier to get. Several of them could be considered cheating, but overall I think several of these achievements are grindy enough to warrant a little extra help. (Note – you can find each of these on Hot Spot) Warning: If you use all these mods, your game may be trivialized, so use them at your own risk.
Gold Sharing Service v2.31 by KelinTor
This mod allows you to transfer gold between your characters. It makes things like the enchanting mods and powering through Cash for Trash much easier.

Level 999 Mod SP1 by Drimacus (Uploaded by Jarcho)
Grinding to level 100 of the Shadow Vault is boring. This mod makes it less so. Note: it can trivialize the game slightly if you outlevel mosters too much. It will make Line of Kings / Epic Strike easier to obtain, but will make Superstar much harder.

Tier 3 Mythic Items / Tier 4 Legendary Items by pampl / Jupiah
These are designed for people who are approaching end game levels (like you will be). The original Torchlight 1 was not itemized beyond level 50ish. Both mods add new item Tiers to spice up high level loot.

Persistent Skeletons by droid327
The original way Skeletons were coded was ridiculously annoying. This makes them less so.

Vsea's Pet Mod by vsea
This allows you to buy items that change your pet permanently from the general vendor in case you don't want to fish for each character. I personally like the Goblin Hound because he is fast and doesn't seem as game breaking as the other pets (Note, this is mainly a convenience mod because you will be fishing a lot for Fisher King anyway).

Healthy Pet Mod: Very Healthy Pet by Jupiah / AverageOddity
One problem in the basic game is that your pet is constantly running at high levels in very hard mode. This mod fixes that.

Enchants never Wipe by Lenor
Having your enchants wipe is annoying. This mod removes that. Unfortunately you will need to practice some restraint. The game quickly becomes a joke even on Very Hard if you enchant each item more than ten times. You will also not be able to get the Disenchant achievements unless you uninstall this.

Epic Boss Maps by krissjeng
Warning: These maps are very hard... use them at your risk (You will need to abuse a no-fail enchanting mod to survive them). That being said, they are a great way to maximize fame or find your last few Champion Trolls if you can't do these any other way.

Items Always Identified (No Conflicts) by Maneero
Torchlight 1's Item identification method is tedious. This removes it. Note: Torchlight 2's identification method is much better.

Spell Dealer by MissGrim
Adds a spell dealer near the Shadow Vault. Good for finding the spell you are looking for without spending hours farming the normal vendor.

One-Third Money Back Gauranteed by trent44
Not recommended for your first couple playthroughs, but it will make it less painful to power through Cash for Trash.

Gale's Gem Overhaul V2 by Gale
I didn't like gems in TL 1. This improves them significantly without being unbalanced.

Level Requirements Only by trent44
Removes stat requirements from items. This makes the system more like Torchlight 2 (which is an improved IMHO over Torchlight 1).

No Item Requirements Needed by Dante
This mod will trivialize your game if you use it, but if you have beaten the game on every mode and just want to rush to your last Hatch quests, feel free to put your high level items on your lowbie and kill everything.

Various Difficulty Mods
If you find TL 1 too easy, there are many mods that up the difficulty as well as complete overhauls. I suggest adding them to taste (as the base game can be too easy even without modding).

Let me know what you guys think. Do you like it with spoiler tags to break it up or without? Thanks!


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    Once again, thank you for all the hard work, Jerich. I might actually go back to vanilla Torchlight just to work on these. I loves me some achievments.
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    Great post. It should be stickied.
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    Agree! Sticky, please!
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    Excellent write-up! Makes me wish I had the Steam version of TL1. This will definitely help those that love to achieve.
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    Perictione wrote:

    (SOPA and PIPA and OPEN! Oh my! :roll: )

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    lol, Runic made the graphics, don't worry about using them. Current events may make things sound scary but the reality right now is still that it's fine to use screenshots from games released years ago for things like guides.
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    SOPA is scary, but some laws are stupid enough, they are worth going to jail over. Also, Runic is against SOPA.

    We should probably try to keep this thread on topic in case people have questions about the achievements and take the other conversation to off-topic.
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    Thanks for sharing this it has been useful, although most achievements I get are purely by accident!
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    I am defo going to work on those after tommorow :).
    My status now is 24/66 - not much I know, but still counts right? ^^

    Back to physics... - well if i don't pass I still go through since I passed all the other exams.. it just looks bad :cry:
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  • JarchoJarcho Posts: 253
    The Level 999 Mod SP1 mod was made by Drimacus, I just uploaded it when I was transferring mods from the torchleech database. You also mentioned the Embermage in the second bullet of the speed clear achievements.
  • JerichJerich Posts: 1,665
    Thanks Jarcho. Fixed both of those.
  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    Do you think it might be popular to provide an adjunct listing of the Steam Achievements that can reaonably be tracked or found in-game when not playing vaia Steam? Possibly even a downloadable checklist? This would make it easier for non-Steam players to roll-their-own Achievements satisfaction.

  • JerichJerich Posts: 1,665
    dreamrider wrote:
    Do you think it might be popular to provide an adjunct listing of the Steam Achievements that can reaonably be tracked or found in-game when not playing vaia Steam? Possibly even a downloadable checklist? This would make it easier for non-Steam players to roll-their-own Achievements satisfaction.


    That's a good idea, but I don't currently have time / energy to do something like this right now. If you want to make one, I will link to it in the OP.
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    If I knew about this before hand I wouldnt have bought the game directly from Runics website, but would have went to steam.

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    Odds are, Torchlight will go on sale when Torchlight II comes out. You'll probably be able to get both for under $25 bucks.
  • ThuzarThuzar Posts: 43
    I have problems with "Superstar" achievement; I reached lvl 33 (I'm 36 at the time of writing) and it didn't unlock, even though EVERYONE else said that it unlocks at 33 as opposite to 55 (which is the real maximum level of fame).

    Has Runic implemented a patch that fixed this or what? And what is the fastest way for me to sky-rocket to lvl 55 fame? Nevermind, the Boss Map pretty much solved this problem... and yes, it is, as I feared, fame lvl 55 that gives you the "Superstar" achievement, dunno how those other people got it on lvl 33...
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  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    What is the Boss Map? A mod?

    If you mean Ordrak's Lair, it doesn't help much after the Ordrack confrontation. I don't think that any critter that yields fame ever re-spawns there. Could be wrong, but if so not often.

    To pump fame I've always had to max Adventurer Skill, then 'run' (carefully) through Shadow Vaults and re-spawns, concentrating on killing the champions and bosses.

  • RaptomexRaptomex Posts: 10
    Awesome. This helps. Thanks.
  • JerichJerich Posts: 1,665
    dreamrider wrote:
    What is the Boss Map? A mod?

    If you mean Ordrak's Lair, it doesn't help much after the Ordrack confrontation. I don't think that any critter that yields fame ever re-spawns there. Could be wrong, but if so not often.

    To pump fame I've always had to max Adventurer Skill, then 'run' (carefully) through Shadow Vaults and re-spawns, concentrating on killing the champions and bosses.


    The boss maps are a mod. Since your primary method of getting this achievement is to kill champions, mods that increase champion rates makes the fame achievement easier.
  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    Thuzar wrote:
    I have problems with "Superstar" achievement; I reached lvl 33 (I'm 36 at the time of writing) and it didn't unlock, even though EVERYONE else said that it unlocks at 33 as opposite to 55 (which is the real maximum level of fame).

    Has Runic implemented a patch that fixed this or what? And what is the fastest way for me to sky-rocket to lvl 55 fame? Nevermind, the Boss Map pretty much solved this problem... and yes, it is, as I feared, fame lvl 55 that gives you the "Superstar" achievement, dunno how those other people got it on lvl 33...

    Actually, the 'fastest' way to 'sky-rocket' to Fame to beat the Secret Horse Level. Of course, to legitimately find the components for the Secret Map Scroll transmutation, you pretty much need to beat the campaign, delve to below floor 30 in the Shadow Vault, and be very, very lucky or very very persistant in your fishing. Which means that you will almost certainly be over c-level 54 when you finally go to the Secret Horse level. Which means that you will almost certainly die there in very short order.

    But, if you get the Secret Map, and pass it on to a new character under level 54 (but not too much under) and that character beats the Secret Horse level, then besides the oodles of gold s/he will collect, the character's Fame will immediately rise to 55 Fame.

    As well it should.


    (PS - Yes, I know it IS possible to beat the Secret Horse level at above c-level 55, primarily with lots of Charm Spell and Force Opponent to Fight for You enchantments, but woe be unto he who lets even one 2M HP/strike horse land a blow.)

    (BTW - All of the above is a bluff. As all veterans know, "There Is No Secret Horse Level. Move along.")
  • Well if you have the torchlight disc version you can earn the achievements the same way but offline. I notice the achievements in my game when I turned on the cheat console in my game.

    Plus i just pre-ordered torchlight 2 and I also have the torchlight 1 download. Even though I have the restore disc for torchlight 1.

    Video proof:

    No Horse level, yeah right just like their is no cow level in diablo.....HAHA very funny.......
  • GlobkuGlobku Posts: 1
    All of the achievements for torchlight II (with the exception of Playing with Dolls) in this video:

    Check it if you're having trouble with anything
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