Witch Doctor with a Torchlight touch

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Hello all.
I really like the idea that D3 has going with the Witch Doctor character but I am not too fond of "ahem, coughs." other routes they have taken with their product so I am going to try my hand at modding this character into TL2. It is not going to be an exact copy as I plan on doing some things to make this class unique. Like maybe adding a little bit of healer in the form of summonable totems and such, not sure yet. I am, however, going to borrow from the D3 class. I am still very new to modding but have been learning and may be looking for partners and advice when the time comes.

Concept Art

Here is some class specific armor concepts.
I will be posting some new ones as I finish them.
I am trying to get the look of items and such to tie in with the existing (as much as I know of) TL world as well as borrowing looks of some of my favorite D3 armor sets.

New Weapon type (Daggers)
I am shooting for 12 different model types. I may make more.

New item type (Mojos)
Coming soon...

Any and all comments and critiques are appreciated. I am going to try and do the modelling and texturing myself but when it comes to skills and such I'll probably need help.

I also need some ideas on a charge mechanic. I was thinking something like fully charged bar equals an instant zombie swarm summon and maybe minion buffs... Not sure on this yet.

I REALLY want to make a quality mod so I am still looking for a hand with other aspects of the class creation such as skills, and particles, and such. This would give me more time to focus on the art side. Thanks to Runic for the early char model release.

SOoo excited for TL2!!!! :D
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