[MAP] Lair of the Bonewarden v1.0

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Deep under torchlight, an undead monstrosity has escaped from its prison, slain its captors, and seeks to destroy all of Torchlight. Do you have what it takes to challenge the Bonewarden?

This mod adds a new dungeon to the game, The Lair of the Bonewarden. It contains a completely new boss fight against the eponymous Bonewarden, and his charred servants. Also included is a new chunk for the Lava tileset, which is added to the standard pool of lava chunks used by all dungeons, adding to the possibilities of randomly-generated dungeons.

The dungeon is accessed by using a buying a map scroll from vendors. As such, using the excellent Merchant Pack mod (which adds a map vendor) is HIGHLY reccomended if you want to jump right in and do the dungeon.

The intent is for the boss to be slightly harder than the ones included in the vanilla game, and to be attempted by level 40+ characters. If you have feedback or find bugs, leave a post and let me know!


Screenshots (aka, Spoilers!)

Lava Chunk:
aIvjds.jpg 8ntW4s.jpg gUjHns.jpg KAuEWs.jpg

Boss Area:
rVfTcs.jpg KFUkvs.jpg nFVkys.jpg

Boss Fight:
HXemGs.jpg R2WGTs.jpg Yczt5s.jpg aVSeKs.jpg 76EOis.jpg
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