MOD for Map Scroll LvL Monsters FIX?

ArukaizerArukaizer Posts: 2
edited February 2012 in Levels
Hi. I'm really enjoying this game, I'm playing it on very hard, but I realized something that made me dislike a lot... I'm at lvl 14, with a Alchemist build, but I'm having such a hard time because I'm using "Map Scrolls (Lvl 1-10)" but all the monsters are lvl 13 (always 1 Lv before me), so, I want a MOD that fix this, like:

MAP Scrolls (Lvl 1-10) = Monsters Max Lv is 10! Not 10+ (I mean, WHY the scrolls are "Lvl 1-10" if the monsters are lvl 13 and rising?) ... and the same for the other MAP Scrolls...

I need that because I want to make money ingame, for enchanting, and to enjoy the game at it best, I mean, I want to keep my lvl, not lvl fast... I want to taste everything of the game ^^ I want to drop all the equipments available between lvls 1-10, I don't care the low exp. I will enjoy this game slow.

Any MOD for this available already? It would be much more fun =\
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