Weapon Elemental Damage

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So um, my vanquisher's Weapon Elemental damage is about 2/3 the size of my physical damage

I'm using a shield and a big axe but I don't really know how this elemental damage works in. I know that weapons can have some sort of secondary elemental damage coming in but I'm not exactly sure how it's so massive, and I can't tell if it's actually factored in in the damage I do to mobs.

I've always assumed that the elemental damage was purely for wand/stave users (since it's connected to the Magic stat), but does anyone know what's going on?


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    If the weapon has elemental damage, the target recieves that much additional damage from each strike, with the targets type resistance subtracted from the type of elemental damage in each hit.

    Monster elemental damage resistances tend to be either non-existant or very large. However they normally only have resistances to a couple of types of elemental damage.

    Elemental damage ignores the armor. BTW, that is why it is very bad for your character to get too close to something firey like a dragon kin, if you have lots of armor and low resistance.

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