No shared stash with HC?

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I just created my first HC character and was surprised that when she opened the shared stash box, it was empty. So I created a non-HC character and the shared stash box as usual, contained stuff. Do HC characters have no access to stuff stored in the shared box??


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    There are two separate shared stahes -- one for **** characters, one for non-****. Characters of one type cannot share items with characters of the other type, but they can share with other characters within the same "league."

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  • Okay, now I finally get it! ****...I wish I'd know this before though. I've got a huge stockpile of stuff my HC character collected that I've got nobody to give to because my other two characters are normal.

    Guess I'll either have to make two new HC characters or start a new normal Beserker.
  • It would defeat the point of **** if you could access the shared stash from a softcore character, and me being the **** I am thinks it's too cheap to play at a lower difficulty to farm items. VHHC, only way to play. :D
  • I would personally would like to see the shared stash expanded as the personal stash doesn't do you any good. If your character dies those items are lost forever.
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    I've got a huge stockpile of stuff my HC character collected

    lol, this is why it is separate.
    twinked **** would kinda defeat the purpose..

    you can get **** characters to **** future **** characters... but the effort is there at least once (or 50 times if you build and die a heap to make the ultimate **** stash).
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