"melee" vanq build idea. tell me what ya think

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Ok so what I'm going for is a 3str:2def ratio build using a 1 hander with plus critical chance/dmg and leech with a sheild.

As far as skills go I'm thinking maxing
armor mastery,
critical strikes
Venomous dirks
And devouring trap.
Point into wind of justice and flachette trap

At least devrish and elemental protection
not sure about rest (plz input opinion)

Pet spells basically a heal and maybe blood skeles ( input appreciated)

For groups was thinking of dropping devouring traps and hamstring all the mobs for debuffs and spamming venomous dirks while enemies are debuffed.

For champs and bosses keep them debugged with hamstring/devouring trap drop a flachette trap for added dose and basically tank and spank with devrish keeping my life up with leech.

Sorry I didn't put much into this thread but I feel like I got my basic idea out there. Tell me what ya think!


  • Seriously? Almost 20 views and no one can tell me what they think?

    Come on!!
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    I've played Vanquishers like that. It's really rough until you get to Venomous Dirks, and then it becomes a Venomous Dirks festival, with occasional Wind of Justice to get you out of trouble. It's not as brokenly easy as a Marksman style Exploding arrow build, but it works. It's very apt that you put "melee" in quotes though, because once you get Venomous Dirks, there's very little melee involved. It's a really, really rough build to play until you get Venomous Dirks. Very hard for a vanquisher with hardly any active skills to survive just beating stuff up with Normal attacks.
    The Rani
  • Thank you! Literally just got venomous dirks and is nasty!
  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    I always think of it as sort of like Winds of Justice, with big slimy green fangs.

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    This is a exciting source of knowledge, Im glad I read this. I am going to be back again soon to see more that you have.
  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    Hmmm...bot-ish...we shall see.

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    Lol, that was a very bot-ish post wasn't it... but where's the link to online shoe sales? Curious indeed.

    @metalxhavok: Let us know how it works out, i'm thinking of trying something like this too, though with less traps and maybe dual daggers if i can get away with it o.O
  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    For Stab, and Venomous Dirks, and Hamstring Skills, the ones that mention a pair of dirks, you don't actually need to equip any particular weapon (although Hamstring does incorporate 5% weapon damage).

    And there are no daggers in the equipable weapon set. I think it is just incorportaed into the basic Vanquisher that she has plenty of knives already secreted about her person; just look at the basic avatar, man!

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    I might try to build one someday.
    "Six... one, six... the nuuuumber ooof the beeeaaast!"
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