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Hey everyone,

A while ago, I made a Torchlight Skill Calculator for Android devices (Here) to kind of gauge interest in such a product and for my own personal development. With the incoming release of Torchlight 2, I have decided to create one for iOS and possibly for Android again if demand is high enough. The thing I need help with is ideas of what you would like to see in such a product. I know on my previous app, there was a lot of demand for being able to save builds and importing and exporting builds, but seeing as how I was deployed at the time, I wasn't able to implement them. Is this something you all would even want? Let me know what you think and blast ideas out at me.

I'm not in beta right now, but I can pause streams to get a decent look at current skill trees at least! If anyone could provide me with some good images of them I would much appreciate it. Thanks.


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    I wouldn't worry too much about skill images and their placement at the moment
    we've got at least 45 days before the game comes out, I bet the skills change some before then

    that being said, I can't wait to see the calc :)
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    even a list on a wiki would be nice...
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    It'll be harder now that some skills' damage scale with level and skill rank.
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    I'll be starting to take notes tomorrow, will be updating RGF's wiki with the skills sometime next week. Coincidentally I'm also making a TL2 Skill Calc and a companion app, my first real project.
  • SylSyl Posts: 104
    good news, thanks :)
  • I want it on Android. And since I want it there is a high demand. ;)
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    I'd definitely be interested in one accessible via the web so I could pull it up in the Steam Tab web browser while I play.
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    Oh yes please, I loved the previous one, though I'ld like to know why didn't you add the feature in the app ??
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