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Just as a heads up, we are expanding the beta out to build up concurrency a bit, now that we have shaken out some of the initial issues.
A wave of invites is going out for a group of users who have created Runic Accounts at - we will continue to do so over the next few days.
We don't have an explicit number of invites we are sending, but the lions' share of the total invitees will end up from Runic Games account holders.

thanks everybody!

Edited for clarification - Runic Accounts are separate from Forum Accounts.


  • wolfmanewolfmane Posts: 1,997
    Thanks for the heads up Travis. F5 for the win!
  • krizzlykrizzly Posts: 2
    man i hope i get invited. *fingers crossed*
  • zxyzxy Posts: 211
    Incredible news! Glad to see the expansion happening already.
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  • Awesome to hear. Good thing I got one of those Runic accounts when I did then.
  • This is exciting news.
  • GettingFreakyGettingFreaky Posts: 185
    Runic Accounts? Like what I am using to post on the forums?
  • NeverrNeverr Posts: 42
    *run in circles*
  • SimonSaysBakaSimonSaysBaka Posts: 648 ✭✭
    Cool cool, As much as I would love to get an invite, ant test the game out, I dont got any free time due to work.
    Ill take some time off just for the final release, going to have so much fun with that.
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  • yifskiyifski Posts: 126
    Awesome... Of course I hope that I'll be one of the lucky few.
  • ZylixZylix Posts: 34
    Runic Accounts? Like what I am using to post on the forums?
    No... that will be in "My Runic Account" in
  • So the ones getting invites will get them over e-mail, and if you do then you register the key with the Runic account, correct?
  • LodoLodo Posts: 432
    *Also crosses fingers.* :)
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  • zxyzxy Posts: 211
    I just got in! That was fast. Good luck everyone, and see you on the other side.
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  • TraverickTraverick Posts: 8
    Hopefully I can be lucky enough to score one :ugeek:
  • MannamMannam Posts: 185
    I just got my key.

    Aw shucks, I didn't know our relationship meant so much to you.
  • carrierxcarrierx Posts: 493
    awwww yeah ... **** slider time !

    (yes im kidding)

    I need to see Stanos
  • Can't wait to try it!
  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,347 ✭✭✭
    Grats to everyone who got it.
  • NeverrNeverr Posts: 42
    Downloading... :) im glad to help to make the final game better.
  • MonTyMonTy Posts: 46
    Just got in, so excited to continue my play experience from PAX. Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to providing feedback. I'm going to try and focus my feedback on skills. Elite difficulty here I come!
  • ZantagorZantagor Posts: 10
    Pfff ;)

    I've been signed up ever since the sign up were open.... still nothing ;) j/k I can wait, just got back into TL1.
  • BrixtanBrixtan Posts: 2,289
    Woot - I got in! Thanks for the invite guys, looking forward to testing this game :)
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  • omgitsbeesomgitsbees Posts: 63
    I got into the beta today. Thanks Runic! :D
  • sdmazesdmaze Posts: 85
    wishing to get in also, so want to break the game and give feedback to make this the best Arpg!

    no whammy,no whammy,no whammy~!
  • SylSyl Posts: 104
    got invited, thanks a lot :)
  • dutch726dutch726 Posts: 1
    Loved the original Torchlight. *fingers crossed for a beta key*
  • feyithfeyith Posts: 853
    Yay! I'm in! *runs around in circles* Thank you! :mrgreen:

    So bummed I'm doing CPR classes all week.

    Hmm...sleep or Torchlight?
  • MetroMetro Posts: 575
    Question: Do we need one of these accounts to ultimately play the game if we play through Steam? If so, might as well sign up. If not, won't bother.
  • CogzwellCogzwell Posts: 131
    Yes! I got one! Oh Travis, you've made me the happiest (figurative) girl in the world! I won't let you down!
  • zxyzxy Posts: 211
    Metro wrote:
    Question: Do we need one of these accounts to ultimately play the game if we play through Steam? If so, might as well sign up. If not, won't bother.

    You do.
    Representin' EAC
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