Installing TL2 with Linux/Wine

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I am using TL2 with wine and just want to tell you how to install it there.

Used version: (Beta).

1) Open a commandline
2) It is recommended to use something like "export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-torchlight2" to install it in a seperate Wine-folder.
3) If you are using a 64-bit Linux do a "export WINEARCH=win32"
4) Start winecfg and configure your options, maybe configure a desktop of 1680x105 or something like that
5) wintricks msxml3 (you need to download the msxml3 manually)
6) winetricks vcrun2010
7) Get a wldap32.dll somewhere (Windows-installation or internet) and put it in the gamedir or in system32
8) Start wincfg and tell him to use wldap32 "native,builtin"
9) Install the game with wine tl2.beta.setup.exe normally
10 ) If the updater stops updating, close it and just start the game until it finishes. The bug seems to exist in windows, too.
11) Start the game with "wine tl2.beta.launcher.exe" or "wine Torchlight2.exe" (no updater) in your gamedir

That's it in general. Shutting down the game seems to be a bit difficult, but if I read correctly the same problem exist in windows.
Solution: Build a costum startscript for TL2, something like that:
killall Torchlight2.exe
# Maybe kill other things like winedevice.exe, explorer.exe, plugplay.exe
cd ~/.wine-torchlight2/drive_c/Program\ Files/Runic\ Games/Torchlight\ 2\ Beta/
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-torchlight2 wine tl2.beta.launcher.exe

I tried the game with an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ and Intel Onchip HD4000 and both work! Here some configuration hints:

- Disable everything what needs performance to get the game running really well:
no antialiasing (AA gets you something between 1-2 fps!)
no VSync because the card is slow enogh and needs no brakes...
no hardware skinning (HW skinning gets you white people ingame without textures)
no bloom
shadows off (shadows will make the game really unplayable dark)
- Intel graphics are generally a bit darker, but playable. Same problem like in TL1, looks like a driver problem.

- disable shadows if you don't want strange rectangles on the flor
- maybe enable VSync to save some CPU power and trees and so on

EDIT: To make the game as bright with Intel as with other cards, start it with
MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE="-GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode" wine torchlight2.exe
It is an Intel bug, see


  • NeverrNeverr Posts: 42
    nice, im going to try it
  • eNTieNTi Posts: 29
    i've just installed it without any additional libs/packages. the installer bugs out a lot, but it installs just fine. only sad thing are the shadows... i hope this will be fixed.
  • Thanks for this, it really helped. I got the launcher running, and it's completely patched and downloaded. Now, the problem is that the launcher crashes when I click 'play', and it generally crashes the window borders for everything else that's running, as well. Any ideas?
  • eNTieNTi Posts: 29
    i do remember that i changed one thing in winecfg: Windows 2008 R2 -> Windows 7

    @CoreCrimson: what's your graphics card?
  • @eNTi - GeForce 9400/integrated/SSE2, according to the system settings.
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    Wow.. um... I just clicked on the files, installed and started playing. I have only seen three small problems after a few hours of playing.

    1.A **** window covers the launcher. I just move it out of the way with alt+click
    2. The intro video was really slow.
    3. After exiting, not everything shut down. Closed everything in terminal with "wineserver -k"

    Other than that, the actual gameplay has so far been FLAWLESS!

    Oh, I'm running Linux Mint 12 with an AMD video card and the lastest version of Wine.
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