Factions possible?

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From what I have seen, a Factions system is not in Torchlight. Would it be possible to add one? I am a huge fan of factions (without the need to grind them)... do quests for certain NPCs will raise faction with them (like an explorers league to explore areas, or a miners league to find new and rare ores, etc...). And it would also give the possibility to buy faction gear from the merchants.

Is something like this possible? That of course is a VERY tiny and VERY basic idea, I would love to go more in depth with it (again, without the grinding feeling with them, gain faction as you play through the game), but was curious if it would be possible with the tools we are given at release.

Just wondering so I can put those into my ideas and think more on it before release, otherwise I will leave it alone :P
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    Single player or Multiplayer?

    I assume SP because its the mod section. So far anything that would require a new system is unclear if it'll be modable or not(no direct answer yet). But it could be possible with triggers and whatnot. Similar to the crafting idea I had on RGF, just implement the NPCs or mod existing ones, give them quests, reward with some item that would represent the Faction Points, and set triggers around that item, all done within the bounds of what I think is possible.
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    Yeah, what we're basically talking about here is the ability to set variables and then have game systems (like NPCs, quests, etc.) react differently based upon the values of those variables. I hope that such a thing is possible, because that would be useful to anyone who's trying to make a story-based mod, not just implementing factions.
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    Factions sounds sweet. They could actually be a great way of making various scenarios happen in the MMO as well...

    What if peoples reaction of you actually changed depending on what faction/s you do business with and such. Perhaps it could go so far that factions might be at war with each other for one reason or another and things like that. It would make for a pretty dynamic game-world. Especially if the wars could burst out into real battles at various places from time to time and such.
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    Yea factions can really open a ton of possibilities within a game. And yea I am meaning in single player. And if this is possible, even making a new UI window to show your faction list, which ones you have discovered, and what they are currently at. The more I think on it, the more and more fun I could have with this. I am just hoping their is even a small chance of this being possible. I will figure it out one way or another! lol, I hope 8-)

    And what Trappski said to about doing business with others. Really reminds me of how EQ1 works, if you lower a cities faction to much, eventually they will no longer do business with you, tell you to get lost. If down even more, the city will start attacking you on site. I think it would be really fun to do with a game like Torchlight, even in the single player version.
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    I too think this is an awesome request to put into the Torchlight mod kit if it is not already in there.
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