LF Social/Casual Gamers

JeanH13JeanH13 Posts: 6
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I'm not looking at running a guild here; at most maybe a Steam group. My partner and I are looking for other gamers to play with when the game is released. We reside in the Pacific Standard Timezone, with weekends being our main gaming days. If anyone is interested in doing static/semi-static game sessions, please hit me up on Steam (ajhebert) or let me know how to reach out to you when the game goes live.


  • I'm interested. I'm in the CST, but it's not too far off. I'm SWANSONATER on Steam (Swanson5000).
  • New player here as well.
    Steam: NashtheLion
  • I have a 21 Outlander and a relatively new Engie. Hit me up if you want to party.

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