Armor expertise -(reduction) requirement bug

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So i decided to download a mod to reset my skills. Once i placed it in my mod folder and brought the bottle to reset my skills in game, armor expertise to reduce armor requirement didnt worked anymore. Its frustrating and i'm playing on ****.

I then decided to make an other alchemist since i was still early in the game. My armor expertise is at 9 and i can't equip a belt(armor) that requires 9 dex only. I currently have 8 dex.

My game has the latest patch. I deleted the mod since i don't and wont need it anymore.

My question: How to notice if armor expertise works in the 1st place?
Like i said, i have 8 dex, i can't equip something that requires 9 dex and i have 8 armor expertise. So what if i had 0 armor expertise, the requirement would be 9+8=17 dex or what? I hope so. If not, i need help.


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    It's not a bug.

    Armor Expertise actively reduces the value shown on any equipment.

    For example, an equipment with a requirement as follows:
    Level 20
    Str 15
    Def 15

    This item will be shown in the inventory of a character with Level 1 Armor Expertise as:
    Level 19
    Str 14
    Def 14

    And at Level 10 Armor Expertise as:
    Level 10
    Str 5
    Def 5

    Like I said, the value requirement shown on your inventory is already the reduced value.

    Your saying that you currently have 8 dex, the item you want requires 9, and your armor expertise is at 9. This means that the original dex requirement for your item is Dex 18, the shown value of Dex 9 is already the reduced value. So having only 8 dex won't allow you to wear it.

    Good day
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    lol this is the first time im seeing this question asked. thebatotot explained it perfectly.
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    Well since he perfectly explained the inquiries, then it would simply mean that he is an expert.

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