Is there a way to mod the Torchlight loading screen art?

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Is it possible to mod the loading screen art played during warps back to town, or when climbing up or down stairs?

The lone Torchlight loading screen picture is bugging me. I don't mind if I can only change it to one new image, that's fine.

(I searched and couldn't find much information on this, aside from an old thread asking about random loading screens. Non-random is fine, just as long as it can be done. :D )
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    The basics of it is, you have to modify the file \media\UI\

    If you want to see an example of a loading screen mod, I made a loading screen for a Paladin class mod a while back. You can find it here: ... ile&id=718

    It may help you see in more detail what's needed to make your own loading screen. It also includes a new version of the Torchlight logo (which involves modifying the file in the same directory), if you want to learn how to change that too.

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