How do you make monsters stronger?

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Hey guys so I'm making my first dungeon, at the end room I'm having a boss, its a normal skeletal warrior champion but just scaled some so he's larger :P My question is how do I make him stronger? and perhaps give him some spells to use? so he will be more boss like.

Also I cant get shake camera thingy to work :O Kinda wanted that effect together with some dust explosion particle effect when the boss appears, hope anyone can help me with this so my level will be more enjoyable xD

Final question, how do I play my dungeon with Torchlight and not with the editor so I don't have to see all the Unit Spawners etc ?

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  • RustyRusty Posts: 1,640
    I can only answer to the monster question.

    You need to make a new monster file for it. Find the Skeleton Champion file (see Screenshot below). Then open file and edit stats. These are the same stats you can edit from in TorchED. Either way works.

    You will then want to save to where-ever your mod save file is located. Follow the file format seen below.
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    Thanks for the help Rusty, I managed to edit some stats and save it both with notepad and with TorchED, but I couldn't find the new monster on the monster list, any suggestions?
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