Dungeon player spawn - exit portal overriding player start

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I have a mod that has a dungeon that the player enters via a scroll

Originally, I had a Property Node of TYPE Player Start that worked fine in having the player spawn here when teleported to the dungeon

Now, I have added a portal - a Warper, a LayoutLinkParticle, and a UnitTrigger, along with the necessary LogicGroup (as per official documentation for "How to create a new Dungeon") - that I plan to enable after the player has completed a certain task. For testing purposes, it is already enabled

It works from the dungeon as desired: It teleports the player back to town. However, when teleporting to the dungeon, instead of spawning at the mentioned Property Node, the player spawns at this exiting portal

I have tried various things, including disabling the portal (components), other than the LogicGroup, and further making them invisible, and enabling (and making them visible) by a working trigger. Unfortunately, none of this has worked

TL;DR Exit portal (a Warper, a LayoutLinkParticle, and a UnitTrigger, along with the necessary LogicGroup (as per official documentation for "How to create a new Dungeon")) for a dungeon is overriding Player Start Property Node (which has intended spawning location) for player teleporting to dungeon. How do I have the player spawn at the Player Start location?


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    I have a new theory

    The exit portal, that is the Warper component, has its DUNGEON NAME property (its destination) as "town." Of course, this is what I want, but I am wondering if the scroll portal is taking the exit one as some sort of pair, so it teleports the player there rather than where the Property Node of TYPE Start Player is

    If I leave the DUNGEON NAME blank, then the player teleports at the Start Player location

    So... I'm at bit of a loss. Actually, maybe using LASTDUNGEON as the name might work

    There is no way of editing the DUNGEON NAME property of Warpers in-game via some sort of script, is there?
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    Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon...

    SOLUTION: Change the DUNGEON NAME property of the Warper to LASTDUNGEON. This will return the player to the dungeon, including the town if so, they were in when they ported to this dungeon. (Not exactly the name effect, but good enough.)

    CONCLUSION: It seems that this is a bug, formally said as: If a dungeon has a portal to it from at least the town, and said dungeon has an exiting portal, regardless of whether it is visible, enabled, or other, and the Warper component has its DUNGEON NAME property set to "town," then the portal to the dungeon will result in the player spawning at said exiting portal, regardless of a Property Node that is either TYPE Player Start or Editor Player Start.
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