TorchED becomes almost unresponsive, then computer

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In regular use (in so far only while using the Work Space), TorchED might immediately begin (happened twice so far, seeimgly randomly) to become so slow at responding that it becomes unusable. Trying to close it is a chore, and if you can manage to click the close window button, it will take a minute or so to close, if it does.

The really abnormal part is that the rest of my computer becomes severely unresponsive (that is, extremely slow), as well, thereby making it similarly difficult to open, say, Task Manager. This includes any open programs, or opening any programs.

Once TorchED is managed to be closed, it takes a few minutes for Windows to get back to normal speed, that is everything is slow (but decreasingly) for a few minutes.

It only happens when I am using TorchED. Is this a known bug, or...?

EDIT: I will have other programs (iTunes, Firefox) open while using TorchED.

EDIT: I'm thinking its just that TorchED is requiring more RAM than I can give it, and thereby slows down and possibly dies. However, I don't understand why my system would take so long to recover after it has closed... That seems like a bug. Proposed solution: Don't have any other programs open when using TorchED unless either you know you have enough RAM, or they are not "RAM intensive."
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