[GUIDE] How to override Steam server saves with local saves

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This is a helper thread for people that might have this problem, not a thread actually asking the subject.

  • save files - What I mean by this are the files located in the mentioned below "save" folder. Their names are something like:
    • #.SVT
    • backup.tmp
    • sharedstash
    Thus, when I say to delete or copy your saves, I mean all these files.

  • A user of Torchlight might have their save file corrupted, and they might have older save files (backups) that they want to revert to that might not be corrupted.
  • Steam will use your last uploaded save file (save files are uploaded to the Steam server on successful exit of Torchlight), and will override any local save files by defaut. This means that if you delete the save files in, say, your AppData folder, and replace them with backups, Steam won't care and will simply use the ones it has, which, in this example, are the corrupted ones.

  • The following is an example guide (there are other ways) to make Steam use your new, backup, local saved files, i.e. prompt the "override server files" dialogue. This works for me, and I find it much easier than methods I have tried.
    1. Find your Torchlight directory that contains your save files. For example, Vista users have it located as C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\.
    2. Open up the file named settings.txt (the .txt extension, of course, might not appear in the file name).
    3. Change one of the attributes, temporarily. For example, change the integer value of CONSOLE to either 1 if its 0, or 0 if its 1. (No worries. This setting just determines if you can use the console in-game, which only appears if you make it. This will not result in your character being declared as a cheater. The latter will only happen if you use a console command that benefits a certain character.)
    4. Save this file and close it.
    5. Launch Torchlight (via Steam).
    6. A dialogue box should appear, i.e. a window should come up asking you to select "OKAY," or "CANCLE," or something along those lines. Do not select anything! What happened is Steam recognized that your local data does not match Steam's server data (the settings file). (Its odd that changing the save files doesn't qualify for a matching error.) Selecting OKAY (don't do it, thought!) will result in Steam using your local data over its server data, which is what you want; on successful exit of Torchlight, your (desired) local files will be uploaded to Steam. Still don't select anything!
    7. Assuming you still haven't select anything, and the dialogue box is still patiently waiting, go to the mentioned Torchlight folder (the one with the saves), and do the following:
      1. (Make sure you have your backups! And, maybe also backup these files.) In the "save" folder, delete everything inside.
      2. In the "savebackup" folder, in the "backup" folder, delete everything inside, and in the "tmpbackup" folder, delete everything inside.
      3. Place your desired backup save files into the "save" folder.
    8. (Optional.) Change the settings file CONSOLE attribute back to the original. (This part might not go through, but that's okay, just try again another time.)
    9. Finally, select OKAY on the Steam override dialogue. Your desired saved files should now be so.
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