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So, through a lot of trial and error and searching the forums, I managed to figure out mostly how the game's editor deals with quests, and two possible ways to have characters "speak" in-game without giving a quest (or giving an invisible one).

First, the game engine appears to treat the RandomPeople.dat file as a special case in that it will randomly select a string for the specified NPC (of Monster subtype) and display it when it is clicked in the game world. If you want an NPC that randomly says one of any number of things when clicked, add a PASSIVE entry to RandomPeople in the Quest Editor. Unfortunately I have found no other way to get these random dialogues to work with monsters unless they have a PASSIVE entry in the RandomPeople quest.

Some wierd notes about floaty text for RandomPeople - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It will show up if the passive text is below a certain number of characters, I think, but if you continue to hold down the mouse button it will continually randomize and display the dialogue, creating a block of text on the screen. This is a huge pain...

Also, RandomPeople overrides any other quest dialogue, it appears.

For non-randomized dialogue or quest NPCs, make the dialogue in the quest editor. If you use this method, you can get two, non-randomized floaty text strings without the aforementioned bug. What you have to do is create a new quest with force accept and no notification enabled, the "Accept" dialogue (this will be the NPCs first line) and the "Return" (this will be the second line, repeating infinitely). This works with both floatytext on and off.

Adding more than one string to anything but RandomPeople is a waste of time, only certain quests and features utilize more than the first string in quest dialogue.

Don't forget to add each NPCs dialogue quest to their respectable monster-NPC unit in the unit editor. Coincidentally I just found out this quest list in the unit editor is only for repeatable quests.

And that's it, that's all I have so far. In order to make any kind of choice in the game, it would have to be related to something in the game world that isn't an NPC, such as flipping a switch, going in a portal, etc.

I kind of want to create a role-playing based mod, but I don't think dialogue trees are possible in TL1. The closest thing I could do was to create a whole bunch of individual quests in the quest editor for each branch of dialogue, and have a sort of yes-no (Accept/Decline) trigger a controller that advanced to the next quest, and so on. That's very rough though, would a classic numbered dialogue selection be possible to program with the new UI editor in TorchEd2?


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    would a classic numbered dialogue selection be possible to program with the new UI editor in TorchEd2?
    I don't know, but you may want to ask this particular question in the TL2 forums. There are more people reading those (including more people from Runic) than there are people reading the TorchED/TL1 modding forums, so you'll be more likely to get a definitive answer there.

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