Player in China/Asia?

MalamaMalama Posts: 8
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Hello everyone
This is not exactly about guilds, more looking for people to play with.

Anyways, is there anyone in China/Asia who is planing on playing TL2 out there?
I will go home to Sweden for 2 month over the summer, but after that I will go back to China. So would like someone to play with here since i guess the ping to Europe and/or America will be quite high.


  • septienseptien Posts: 1
    Fellow european currently staying in Asia here :) (Taiwan)

    Would be great to play together!
  • MalamaMalama Posts: 8
    Cool, will rememer it once I get going on this game =)

    I live in the south parts. In Guangxi, Liuzhou. Small city =)
  • Hi, Malama and Septien, I live in Guizhou China, a neighbor province of GuangXi, hope we can play together after TL2 is released. If you guys are on steam, add me: jipijun :mrgreen:
  • Hello everyone,

    Currently outside China still on my summer vacation. But i will be back in Shanghai soon. It would be nice if we can organize something :D

    Looking forward to getting in touch and playing TL2.
    Add me on steam maa33bag
  • I'm in China Chengdu. So game friends +1.
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