[BUG]: Character Invisible After Death

veklessvekless Posts: 8
My character died and after I chose resurrect at the entrance my character became permanently invisible.

Exiting, and starting the game and it is still invisible. Only one character has this bug. The other Torchlight characters on my computer are fine.

I see other discussions related to this like:
But it says "You are not authorized to read this forum."

I thought I'd add that this isn't completly like the "transparent" character issue in that I didn't Cmd-Q or quit in any way. I simply picked one of the options at death. Also, the character is invisible on the start screen. My pet will often not follow me, and monsters won't attack unless I attack them first. One more weird thing is that ranged shots come from the last place I armed the character. So if I put a gun in the hand slot, the map tile where I did that is where all the future shots will come from regardless of where I travel.

There may be some Visibility Scroll mod to fix this bug but I can't find a working link to even try.

So, does anyone know of a solution to this?


  • This has also happened to me, does anyone have a solution?

    Playing game, character died, decided to respawn at town and now invisible. Ran around, tried going back to title and out of game. Still invisible :(

    Steam version on Win7
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