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Hello !
when the boss is dead, no loot, and my pet does not move now...
the boss is dead while he was being teleported!
Version 1.15 Steam
Sorry for my bad English...


Viva Tl2 !


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    Have you tried sending your pet to town in order to sell its inventory? If that doesn't work (because your pet cant move at all) then try sending it to town when you're far away from it (check the inventory first so you don't sell things you want to keep). It is a known bug for characters, pets, and monsters to become lodged within a wall because of knock-back in all versions of Torchlight (this is partially due to the physics engine that is used in the game). It is generally uncommon for it to happen though, and I have not had the problem occur as of yet.

    Manual fix (will take a long time and I do not know all possible consequences):
    Close Torchlight
    To enable the console go into your Torchlight AppData folder: C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight
    Then Open the "settings.txt" file and changing the number after console from 0 to 1 (it is the second item on the list of settings there)
    Open your game
    Load your character
    You can open the console while in the game by:
      American English keyboard: Shift and ~ British English keyboard: Shift and # Norwegian keyboard: Shift and Ø German keyboard: Shift and ö

    Disable your pet through the console by using the "disablepet" command
    Close the console
    Create a Town Portal near where your pet is stuck and go through it
    If it works your pet should come through the portal with you
    Then to enable your pet again type "disablepet"

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    Hello Arrow ,
    Thank for your support !
    I restart the game, and now my pet is "alive" again!
    if this problem again, I would try your technique...(prayer)
    I find the behavior of my pet strange in this final dungeon .!?.

    I have also another bug, a scroll to heal teammates and me will not work if my pet is in the village !
  • Are you at full health yourself when you are trying to cast it? I believe if you have full health, healing spells wont work even if it is "Heal All". Health Potions and the "Heal Self" spell wont allow use when your character is at full health.

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    Hello Arrow,

    No! My life is not full!
    Impossible to use my parchment if the pet that is in the village...
  • What version of Torchlight are you playing? Try updating to the latest version by determining which update you need (depending on game distributor):
    (If steam is your game distributor that your have purchased the game from it should automatically update.)
    Assuming you are playing the latest version of torchlight, try disabling your pet and using the spell. If that works then your pet is bugged somehow with scripts or triggers. It could possibly be a corrupted save file containing you pet's misaligned or degenerated coding. I have searched for your problem and it would seem that some people have issues with the Heal All spell not working reliably or as it should. Another thing to always check is the cooldown. Every spell has a cooldown that you should watch in order to know when your spell can be cast next. By the way, are you French? I read "Le Palais noir" which I think translates to "The Black Palace".


    Postscript: Moderator(s), if you read this, know that I understand that this belongs withing the Torchlight PC / Mac Support section, and I would have no objections to moving the thread. Just inform the original poster and myself when you do. :)
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    @ Moderator : Yes Sorry, I was wrong to section "support"...
    My Version Is V1.15 Steam version !
    Yes, im French...
    After the first bug, my pet behaves strangely, no attack, or as if his life was at zero...
    For the "Heal All", it does not work when the Pet is in the village !
    And if I attribute "heal all" was my pet, it is triggered any time but never when my life is at its lowest !
  • Your pet is in the passive AI setting which means that your pet will not attack anything until you change the AI setting. When a pet is in passive mode, the pet will remove itself from any fighting or battling until you instruct it not to by changing the setting at the top-left corner of the screen. There are three settings just below your pet's health and mana bars:
      Aggressive: Your pet will attack anything it encounters no matter what the monster does. Defensive: Your pet will only attack a monster if attacked first. Passive: Your pet will never attack a monster under any circumstances. Photograph:

    That should fix your pet's behavioral issues, and it could help fix your spell complications. I hope this helps!

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