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First post, just wanted to say hi and loving Torchlight. I am running an Alchemist at the moment, just getting used to TL from D3 (nuff said)
and having a blast. Ran a couple of Phase Portals and The Map things (?) and found them a real white knuckle ride of "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, Run Away :)
but also I managed to drop a legendary Healm and a Purple Set Chest peice. This **** just got real haha. I have popped them in my stash for safe keeping
haha. I am running on Normal though (tried VH, got to lvl 4 so I wanted to get used to the systems a bit). Now I have managed to sort out the key bindings,
I am officially away!!

Once you get through the story, can you increase the difficulty? Or do you have to start a new char?


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    First off, glad you are enjoying the game! Once you have played all the main characters, and want something different, you can load up some mods.

    As to your question, you must create a new character in order to change difficulty. In Torchlight 2, you can change on the fly, but not so in Torchlight 1.
  • ZabrillaZabrilla Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info :) I have rolled a new HC Destroyer at VH level. Bloomin eck its tricky. Had to take if very easy to start off with.
    Picked up a wand and kited a lot of mobs until I got a few levels in and raised my defence and gained a few attacking spells. I am lvl 6 now
    and its not too bad if I am careful. That said I investigated a Map Scroll (1-10) and got most of my **** handed too me within seconds,
    just about made it out alive with a grin on my face and a mental note to not do that again anytime soon haha.
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    To change difficulty during gameplay you can use this utility:
    Torchlight util
  • ZabrillaZabrilla Posts: 13
    Yea I have that installed now but I kind of want to avoid it if I am honest. I know you can alter difficulty levels but also rekindle dead hero's.
    It has given me a new dimension to the realm of HC......Temptaition! :twisted:
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    Yeah **** is a roller coaster ride! One second your doing fine than the next your picking yourself up off the ground. Its a great challenge to both veteran and new players alike. I am glad you are having fun and getting to know the whole Torchlight scene as we prepare to dive into TL2 soon enough! Have fun!!
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    You`re gonna die a lot. I died with my first 10 or 15 characters in map portals. Once I figured out how to break the game it was easy though.

    Started off with getting 250 gold in mines level 1, bought map scroll and cleared and repeated until level 13. Worked on Shadow Armor, Entropic Aura and the Armor thingy which lets you wear armor earlier and later on Frost Shield.

    Then I`ve blazed through the normal mines until floor 30 and then started to repeat the previous dungeons and abused the shop keeper until I had a full Dragon Slayer Aegis (it only works with a bugfix mod though)

    That`s where I am now. Super defensive Destroyer with 300-400 resists farming for some better gear/levels to beat the campaign. Btw. you can enchant uniques and set items. Keep that in mind if you hit a brick wall.
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