Skill to summon mob when a creature dies

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I've made a passive skill that summons a mod when you kill someone. However, the monsters that are summoned are allied with the critter. I can set it up so they are charmed but that goes away when you leave the map. Not sure what else to try.
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  • KldranKldran Posts: 8
    I've had some success in trying to make it work by having the dying monster cast a spell that targets the player with an affix that makes the player cast a summon. However, I can't quite get the details to work out right. It's somewhat convoluted, but it might work. I've been having issues with it only summoning when I attack, and with it summoning too many at once.

    My particular implementation also seems to break the game and make it crash. Not sure why. This is reminding me of when I made a recursive Chain Lightning spell which was absolutely awesome but kept crashing the game after a while.

    Update: Trying something rather different, I've solved the problem of getting it to summon automatically by creating a passive skill that will summon a skeleton at level 2, but does nothing at level 1, then making the skill the enemy casts on death, give the player a bonus to that skill. Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble with the game crashing. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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