I have a simple question about skill expectations.

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Will we have enough points?

15 ranks sounds ridiculously awesome, but with the amount of skills that are available per tree, I can't see how we'd ever have enough points. It was already rough in D2 (i played mods cause bnet was ****) cause you'd have to sacrifice and entire skillset sometimes and try to balance it with minus enemy res and plus skill percentage on end game gear.

I plan to play elite through and through, So i'm actually afraid that my skill scaling won't enough to keep more then one skill viable enough to carry me through various regions of the game.

I hate having to resort to my one best skill and spamming it to survive.

What do you guys think? I know we get fame and levels, but I don't know if its a similar rate to TL1 when you get a fame lvl around the time you get a normal level.

Though I guess I'd have to see the rate in which we acquire skills and how much difference stats and weapons make in skill damage.
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    Well it creates consequences and rewards for skill points. If I want to only use one skill because I just happen to love it's special effects, then it's nice to know that it will get even better as I level it. At the same time, because I put all my points in that skill I have less skills/less powerful skills other than that one. It also creates replay value because there are more builds you can create with different outcomes. If you had enough points to level every skill, it wouldn't feel like points mattered because at the end you have every thing anyway (just like in D3).
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    You should be able to max at least 8 skills. I would think that's plenty and never had issues with scaling in the beta.

    Keep in mind skills do usually scale with weapon DPS or something so even without more points they stay pretty useful.
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    100 levels and 50 fame levels leaves you with ~150 skill points at max level, you should be able to max about ten skills, which seems like a lot, since some skills you might just want ot dump 1-5 in.
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    I think it also should be noted that while in TL1 the endgame started with the character at level ~30-35 or so and consisted in the Shadow Vault (so, grinding over and over), TL2 should allow a character to reach level ~50 by the end of the game and the endgame portion is New Game+, making it reach level 100 (or close to). Even if it will only bring the character up to level 80, it's still only 20 levels to grind vs the 65-70 levels in TL1 (fame levels aside). This should allow for much more skill points without having to farm much - at the very least, I know I never went much deeper than the first few levels in the Shadow Vault, as I saw little point in doing so without a story, I always just made a new character. With New Game+, I expect to bring all of my characters through at the least 2 games, (almost) reaching the level cap with all of them.
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    Given that a single point in a skill is very strong, generally about half as strong as a fully maxed skill, I'd say that even 80 total skill points is sufficient.

    This is the real departure from diablo2. The player is automatically super fast, the skills are automatically super strong, even the white weapons you find hit hard enough to finish the game.

    And this is exactly why item drops are weaker in TL2. They had to be that powerful in d2, due to how weak basic attacks and weapons were. In TL2, doubling your power from each source (stat, weapon, skill) is pretty much the limit, otherwise the game is effortless.
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