Torchlight art

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This is something I made as a fan of the game. Thought I'd share it here.


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    Nice shadowing and shading details, and I love the textures on the object itself. Which brings me to question, what is your objective in making this, and what do you want the object to be? Correct me if my assumption is incorrect, but I think it is a type of waypoint, portal, or archway. Great blending skills and cheers to your imaging skills :D (unlike my own horrific abilities which make me ashamed to ever try and draw anything ever again :roll: ). If I were to try and draw anything with any program ever made for anything, it would never look as polished as your artwork here. Congratulations gorillagills! Great work, and I recommend that your model (or image) be put into a mod. Its top notch.

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    Holy sheep this looks awesome, OP. Are you planning to release it?
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    Mighty, mighty impressive! :D
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    Very very nice GorillaGills!
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